Note: Users will need the be assigned to the role "Administration: Account Super User" to configure PDF export options for document categories.


PDF export options are configured at the document category level. These configurations include an optional ZenQMS data page, header configurations and watermark configurations. These settings can be toggled on or off and changed at any time.


  1. Shrink Document to Accommodate Header: This will scale the attachment and add a header to the page.
  2. Include ZenQMS Data Page: This is a page that summarizes key document metadata, such as version comment history, electronic signatures, and more. 
  3. Insert Page Header: Headers will always include the document name, state, and version. Users have the ability to choose additional information to go into the header, such as key ids, etc. 
  4. Add Watermarks: Watermarks are semi-transparent text that can be added to the background of the document text. Users can configure the watermark for various document states here, as well as the placement of the watermark. 


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