Note: These permissions can be assigned to either individuals and/or roles. The permissions granted at the document category level are applied to the specific document category only


Document Category Permissions:

doc cat permissions.png

  1. Can Edit All Settings In This Category: User can edit any document category settings.
  2. Can See All Documents (Read Only Access): User can see all documents in this category on the documents full table.
  3. Can Be Assigned as an Author: User can be chosen as an author when a new document is created.
  4. Can Edit Any Document in Category: User can edit documents in this category.
  5. Can Edit Training and Document Category Default Settings as Author: Users can edit training assignments and document settings when they are assigned as an author.
  6. Can Create New Documents: User can create new documents in this category.
  7. Can Cancel Active Workflows: user can cancel any active workflows for documents.
  8. Can Delete Draft Documents: User can delete any draft documents in the category.
  9. Can See Archive & Permanently Delete Eligible Items: User can access the document archive table and delete items (if applicable). 
  10. Can Issue or Destroy Controlled Copies: User can issue and/or destroy controlled copies for this category. 
  11. Can Delegate Signatures For Any Active Workflows: User can delegate active signatures. 
  12. Receives Escalation Notices For Past Due Items: User receives email escalation notices for past due items. 
  13. Can Access Audit Trail Data For Items In This Category: User can access the document audit trail.
  14. Can View All Items In This Category On The My Company Dashboard: User can see all training information on the "My Company Dashboard" for all documents in this category. 
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