Note: Users will need the to be assigned to the "Administration: Account Super User" role to configure custom fields for document categories.


Document category custom fields allow you to add plain text/instructions, account custom fields, and/or document category specific custom fields that will be linked to all documents in that specific document category. These fields will be visible in the document view screen and exported PDFs (in header or content sections). The data fields can also be used in full table filters/sorts.To add custom fields to a document category, the category must be in a draft state.


To create/add custom fields to a document category:


Navigate to the document category settings under Settings - Configuration - Document Categories:

document categories.png


Click a category name to add custom fields. As a reminder, the category must be in a draft state to add custom fields:



Under the custom fields tab, click new custom field. There are three custom field types to choose from:

custom field.png


  1. Plain/Text Instructions: It will be a text box that you can add instructions or any other applicable information.
  2. Account Custom Field: These are custom fields that are made on the account level which are universal custom fields that can be used in other modules.
  3. Category Custom Field: These are custom fields that will be for the specific document category only. 


All custom fields made at the document category level will be listed under the custom fields tab at the category level. Custom fields can be edited by hovering over the left side of the custom field name:


Note: Once a custom field type is selected and saved, the type can not be changed. Only single and multiple selection type custom fields can be edited in regards to the values available to choose from. User/Role Single/Multiple Selection custom field types do not allow for values to be edited/add/removed once the document category is marked as active:                                            single selection cf edits.png


Document Category Custom Fields at the Individual Document Level

Category custom fields will be displayed on the right panel of the document view window for document in the category as seen below:

custom field on doc prview.png


Document Category Custom Fields & The Full Table

When selecting a specific document category on the document full table, the category custom fields can be added to the table:


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