Note: Users will need the to be assigned to the "Administration: Account Super User" role to configure default training settings for document categories.


Default Training settings include training record creation for authors and document workflow participants, user retraining intervals, and training grace period days. 


Default Training Settings


Navigate to the document category and locate the default training settings section under the General tab:

default settings.png



  1. Automatically Create Training Records for Authors/Workflow Participants: Users who have been assigned as authors and also to the approval workflow will automatically be given a compliant training record.
  2. User Retraining Interval (Months): Users will have to retrain on this document to whatever month value is chosen.
  3. Training Grace Period (Days): This # of days will be added to the assignment date to calculate training due date for newly assigned users. Note that a user's actual training due date = (assignment date + grace period days).
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