Below are the FAQs from our All New Documents Journeys Overview Webinar.


Q: If an approval signature is rejected, does the document proceed with workflow? Can a document be approved with a rejection signature present?

A: When a workflow step is rejected, the workflow will stop. This functionality will remain the same as it is now.



Q: Can super users control the default for notifications?

A: User notification settings are set an individual basis under Settings - Notifications. If a company wide update is needed, please reach out to



Q: Do workflow signature comments show up in the audit trail?

A: Yes.



Q: Is a "Minor" change the same as an "Administration" change?

A: Yes!



Q: For documents workflow signatures, are signatures assigned to approvers all at the same time, or in an order?

A: The document workflows can designate the signature order to allow either sequential signatures or simultaneous signatures.



Q: Can additional approvers be added to the workflow and have still "Quality" as the last approval signature?

A: Yes! These settings are configured at the document category level under the appropriate workflow section.



Q: Can someone, other than the assignee's supervisor, delegate a signature?

A: Yes! This is a permission that is configured at the document category level and allows the delegation of the signature needed from a specific approver to another individual, regardless of their inclusion of the workflow; this will function as the ability to replace an approver.



Q: What will happen to the documents that are in the approval process during after this release? Will they automatically adjust to the new document workflows?

A: All current workflows will be migrated into the major approval workflow. These settings can be changed on the client's end.



Q: Will users receive notifications if you they listed in the draft review or do they only get notifications for an approval process?

A: Users will get notifications for approval, draft reviews, and retirement workflows.



Q: Can users suggest edits when the document isn't in a review workflow? For example, if someone brings something up outside of the system can the author add it to track?

A: Users can add suggestions when the document is in any state.



Q: How do you accept/reject the edits and remove comments added doing a draft review before starting the approval workflow?

A: If you click on the revision that was made, you have the opportunity to accept, decline, or ignore the edits and comments. 



Q: Can multiple people review a document at the same time? What is the limit for adding approvers in a workflow?

A: The signatures will go out at once so multiple users can review. You can also start a collaborative editing session. There is no limit with the number of approvers.



Q: Will all redline changes be stored and viewable with each version for traceability?

A: We will be introducing an attachment feature after the initial release of the new documents module. You will then be able to attach the copies with redlines to the document.



Q: For major red-lined text changes, it would be recommended the collaborative editing versus the regular draft review window correct? You can't make changes, only 'post' comments./

A: Correct! For major red-lined text changes, it would be recommended to use the collaborative editing. Regular draft review will be for making annotations for the author, and the author will need to update the doc based on the annotations.



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