Below are the FAQs from our All New Documents Module Dashboard Full Table and Document Category Overview Webinar.


Q: What if I do NOT want my "account custom fields" to show on the new documents full table?

A: In order to see the account custom fields in the table, you will need to select them and add them to it. You will always see your account custom fields as options to add. To see all category custom fields you would filter for the category in that column.



Q: I want limited access for users to perform "batch uploads"; how do I lock down that function?

A: Only users with the permission "Can Add New Files" at the document category level will be able to complete a batch upload for that category. 



Q: Will users see documents due soon for review?

A: Users can see all information regarding upcoming reviews for documents on the documents module dashboard.



Q: Has version numbering changed with the new module?

A: Yes, the version numbering will be updated with the new module. We are now allowing minor and major revisions. Minor revisions will be the decimal, (ie. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) the major revisions will be 1.0, 2.0, etc. 



Q: Will general users be able to download documents?

A: This is based on permissions and what is set at the document level for security.



Q: Will our current configuration be altered when this goes live?

A: All current configurations at the category level will be carried over to the new documents module as the major approval workflow. This can be edited. 



Q: If people have saved reports for printing, will they be saved?

A: Yes, everyone who has existing saved table views will be available day 1 in the new documents module full table.



Q: Can you share table filters with other ZenQMS users?

A: Yes, all saved full table views can either be private to yourself, or can be public for the whole company.


Q: We use the download and edit link functionality - if it's not in the first column, where did it go?

A: You will now be able to click into the document by clicking on the name of the document to edit or download.



Q: Do you have a print option or do you still need to download?

A: You will still be required to download the file in order to print.



Q: Will we be able to expand the width of columns on the documents full table?

A: Absolutely!



Q: WIll reports include HISTORICAL data not just current data? For example, who has been past due on activities, and average times of completion per person, etc.? Also, can they be customized for a specific timeframe or department?

A: We will have more information on Insights (our reporting tool) in the near future. These are features we will be capturing and with customizable date ranges to include past dates and by role.



Q: Will the document dashboard show items that need to be signed for review or approval, or is it just for periodic review?

A: The document dashboard will show your documents coming up for review. If you are assigned to a workflow step, your signature will still appear in the signature needed section of the dashboard.



Q: What about options to copy workflows from existing categories to another one?

A: Currently not available but this has been submitted as an improvement request.



Q: Can we create different workflows such as "Draft" to "Final" without needing approvals? "Draft" to "Approval" and "Draft to Effective" with additional functional approvals between the "Author " and "QA Approval"?

A: Yes, you do not have to add any additional steps; by default the author will always need to sign.



Q: Will we have to configure all the categories we have today in the documents module for this release? What will happen to the documents in the system today?

A: Your current information will be populated in the new documents module. There will be some items you may want to go in and update once the release is deployed, such as, additional permissions, workflows, and PDF export options.



Q: Can we override training requirement for minor revisions (ex. if we just make grammar change, can we skip retraining)?

A: You actually cannot require immediate retraining for minor revisions; as the suggested use for a minor is exactly that, nothing that would require retraining.



Q: Are there any changes to the document header field choices?

A: Yes. You can choose to display the category key id, the legacy ZenQMS document id, or no id at all. You can also add custom fields to headers as well as a logo, user time stamp, page numbers, and an abbreviated header. All of these configurations can be found under the "PDF Export Options" tab at the category level.



Q: Can the watermarks go in the footers or in the side margins?

A: Watermarks can be inserted at the bottom of the page, sides, top, or diagonally. 



Q: Will more than 3 category custom fields show up in the header?

A: Yes, you can add as many custom fields to your header as you would like.



Q: Is there a way to make these changes in bulk to existing docs or will we need to do that manually for each document?

A: We can certainly assist you with any mass updates. Please submit a ticket to the helpdesk so we can better understand your request and what you are looking to update.



Q: Is there an option to view draft documents and documents in review without being an author/approver?

A: Users with additional permissions in the category, like the ability to edit documents, will be able to see draft documents. General users will not be able to see draft documents unless they are assisting with a draft review.



Q: Can you turn off minor revision workflows and only use major?

A: This would not be able to be turned off. However, you do not need to utilize this feature if you wish to continue with only major revisions.



Q: Will there be an option to make the effective date x# of days from approval rather than selecting a date?

A: Yes, that is an option.



Q: With this upgrade, LockLizard will not be used to print the documents? Will it be similar to the  Issues?

A: Locklizard will still be used for controlled copies.



Q: Document authors can view any SOP's training questions with the answers; will this be true on the side panel/new quiz method?

A: Yes, authors will be able to see the training challenge questions and answers in the new side panel under the icon labeled "Training".



Q: In the Archive section, will the superseded documents be separated from the retired documents?

A: They will not separated but this is a current improvement request. 



Q: When documents are upversioned, will the name of the new document be applied to the superseded document?

A: No, the new name will not be applied to the superseded versions. 



Q: Will document authors be able to insert a past effective date when uploading a "new" document?

A: Not with the initial release, but we plan on building a super editor permission for documents which would allow you to set past effective dates.



Q: Did you add a possibility to create documents as childs of existing documents, such as appendixes, and if yes how does it work in the full table?

A: No. We will be introducing an attachment feature sometime after the initial release of the new documents module, at which point you will be able to attach multiple supporting files to a document. You will also be bale to use the linking function as you can now.



Q: If you change/ add custom field in a category, will the change will appear in an already effective document or just on new version or new document?

A: If you add a dropdown option or add an additional custom field, those values will be available to be updated in the effective document. Only certain users will be able to make changes to these custom fields, both at the account level and at the document level.



Q: What happens to active documents in a category being retired?

A: They will remain, just like how active Issues/Change Controls remain in a category being retired. You just will not be able to create new documents under the retired category.



Q: How will permissions for document category editors change, if at all? Will this still be set at the individual document category level?

A: The permissions are category based, category editors permissions will be split up a bit, but if you are a current category editor you will have the same accessibility when we launch this new documents module.



Q: How is the revision type (major/ minor and review) differentiated in the version number (if at all) and would a minor change initiate a read and understand if user training is enabled?

A: We will be introducing decimals to capture the minor revision information. So, the initial revision will be 1.0, and minor revision will be 1.1, 1.2, etc. Minor revisions will not trigger training unless you force users to retrain.



Q: Can you still format documents to have a 1.75" header to account for Zen header, or would you recommend instead having regular margins and choosing to shrink?

A: You can still format your document to allow for the header or you can choose the shrink option - either works!






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