2021.1 system release has been delayed to July 7th at 9pm-11:59pm EST per QA Request/ SDLC Protocols.

We apologize any inconvenience, however ZenQMS QA delayed system release approval per our SDLC protocols.  Our first priority is always to deliver quality software and be more conservative than our clients-- all of whom operate in a regulated environment. One of our core values is to always be improving and we know that timeliness on releases is key for our community. We’ll be working to ensure we can avoid delays in releases in the future. Thank you for your understanding. All of this is documented in our validation system release in the auditor share for reference.


We are pleased to announce 2021.1! With this major release, we are introducing some changes to the login pages, changes to the User Profile pages, and introducing our new API Settings feature. Additionally, we will now be offering 'Default Table Views' in the Change Control, Issues, and Tasks full tables. There are also some bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the app.


All users will be impacted by these changes to the login pages (normal email/password accounts and SSO accounts are affected). All users will be affected by the User Profile changes as they have been moved to a new area of the application. Only those who plan to use the API Settings page to set up integrations with ZenQMS will want to review these additions. 

  • Login - this affects email/password logins, Single Sign On users, resetting passwords, handling locked/disabled users, inviting new users, and more. (You will not have to update your current password, you will use your same credentials as you are using now). Click on the below links to view articles and videos in regards to these login enhancements.

          Login Journey

          How to Reset your Password

  • User Profile pages - we have moved the User Profile pages from the Administration area to the Settings area of the application. This includes the Personal Information, Preferences, Password, and Security sections. Click on the below link to view an article in regard to the change to profile settings.

          Accessing User Profile Settings

  • API Settings - This is a new feature that allows administrators to set up integrations with ZenQMS. At the moment this is limited to ‘READ’ transactions in Issues, Change Control, and Tasks modules. This only impacts you if you plan to use this feature

          API Settings - READ Transaction in Issues, Change Control and Tasks


  • Default Table Views - Affects all users using the full tables. Columns you add to the Issues, Change Control, and Tasks full tables will remain there upon logging out and logging back in. You will also be able to save your filters, sorting, and columns as Default Table Views for easy access later.  Click on the below link to view a video in regard to the Change Control, Issue and Task table enhancement

          Saving Table views for Change Control, Issues, and Task Full Tables


This release is being managed through change control 301-2. You can download a copy of the first stages of the system release record, including the requirements and testing traceability matrix for release notes here: 2021.1 System Release Record 301-21 Release Notes. An entire release record will be available for review after the release is completed, in the auditor share account.


We expect some downtime that will occur in non-peak hours.

Version Details

ZenQMS comprises a microservice architecture that breaks up large functions into smaller services. This reduces risk in the development and release process. As such this flagship release version is actually comprised of the releases of the individual services components. It is entirely possible for a component service to not change versions in a release cycle even if other components do. Here is the summary for this release.

ZenQMS Release 2021.1 contains the following “FixVersions”.  We use FixVersion as an internal versioning scheme for our modules/services and maintain them in Jira.

Updated Modules:

  • AUTH 3.0 - Authorization service
  • CCM 4.0 - Change Control Module
  • IM 3.0 - Issues Module
  • MIG 3.1 - Data Migration service
  • PDF 3.2 - PDF generation service
  • TM 3.0 Tasks Module
  • ZENQ 22.0 - Flagship application and all other modules/components that are not Change Control, Issues, Tasks, Reports, or Settings

Unchanged Modules:

  • Reports 2.1 - Reports Module

Important Notes:

  • This announcement plus the banner announcement in the application to ALL users is our formal announcement for the release.
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team.
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