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We are pleased to announce Major Release 2017.2.  There are a number of minor improvements and bug fixes worth reviewing below. But the major aspect of this release has to do with fully embracing our new dashboard and introducing a new approach to navigation.  Principally, we introduce new 'tabs' to allow users to have multiple items open at the same time. For instance-- open a document and take the training in a 2 different windows. In the screenshot below, you can see the user is looking at the full documents table, has audit #2095 open, is editing and SOP document and has 2 other documents open in the screen viewer. As a bonus-- the application will REMEMBER what tabs you had open last-- meaning you can speed right to your favorite tables/views the moment you log in.


Two critical aspects of this:

  1. We will be deprecating the 'Old' dashboard, all of whose functionality is replicated/improved in new dashboard.  We will be reaching out to any users on the old dashboard directly but here is a great article as reference.
  2. We will no longer include the existing tabs at the top of the application for Documents,  Training, Audits and Issues.  The upside-- you can access all these old areas from the sub dashboard.  Some article for your reference: 
  3. You will be able to add new content or search recent spots right from the dashboard.  A good article here.

Thanks as always to our customers that send us great ideas and to our developers who have been working overtime to launch. We have an aggressive roadmap for the 2018!

Helpful Articles


Validation/Deployment Details

  • This announcement plus the email to all active admin users counts as our formal announcement for the release.  
  • We plan to deploy at 9pm on 4-Feb-2018.  Please email help@zenqms.com as soon as possible if this causes any issues for your team-- we would expect some slowness or possible down time during deployment.    
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team-- so don't worry. 
  • About those Xs in the release notes title: clients have asked us to include the source code build ID in these release notes.  We will do so post deployment-- this will match the version ID in production.
  • All changes are available for you to access and test at test.zenqms.com, which was reset to production data in late November.  Please email help@zenqms.com if you have any problems.  
  • This release is being managed under change control #13738 and a full set of validation documents will be published and added to the auditor share as it is approved.  


ZENQ-2824 Permissions for My Company Dashboard in Audits/Observations/Issues/CAPAs
ZENQ-2823 PDF: Allow PDF conversion for PPSX and XLSM formats
ZENQ-2815 Add permission to see all events in a member
ZENQ-2814 Allow investigators/super users/issue editors to be able to change Site Assignment for an issue.
ZENQ-2813 Update Training Status compliance % calculation for Dashboard Pie Chart and Training Status column in different tables
ZENQ-2808 UI Responsiveness V1
ZENQ-2798 Create permission for adding supplier sites
ZENQ-2763 Permissions for audits and issues with new nav
ZENQ-2759 Security updates to support PCI Compliance recommendations
ZENQ-2758 Keywords search: Enhance error log
ZENQ-2756 Split permission "Can Create New Audit Reports or Manage Recurring Audits"
ZENQ-2747 Remove `Old Dashboard` + all related functionality
ZENQ-2746 Convert myIssues/myCAPAs, myReports/myObservations to filters in the main tables
ZENQ-2744 Dashboard: Rename options in toggle view drop-downs on all dashboards
ZENQ-2729 Documents: Exported PDFs should NEVER show track changes markups
ZENQ-2728 Daily Digest: Improve emails triggers and frequency
ZENQ-2679 Password reset screen-- eliminate problems with screen sequence
ZENQ-2602 New Navigation V1
ZENQ-2573 Reports Dashboard: Change report type for Izenda reports
ZENQ-2557 Dashboard CSS Refactoring
ZENQ-2269 Video Playback icon
ZENQ-2079 Rename Member Category column to CAPA Category
ZENQ-1973 Personal Settings: Security Challenge Question Save Window and Redirect
ZENQ-1962 Data Migration-- enhancements to functionality to import even more data directly
ZENQ-1090 Don't send emails to users selected for "Activated" who have status = Active


ZENQ-2859 Draft Review tab should not be saved in RVI
ZENQ-2857 Audit Workflow: Users assigned to Publish Final Review workflow can NOT download audit report PDF
ZENQ-2855 Documents: Workflow participants only can't view PDF from Signatures Needed
ZENQ-2852 Login/2FA: users without 2FA, from members that require 2FA, are no longer forced to set 2FA
ZENQ-2839 New Dash - export Excel file is corrupted
ZENQ-2720 Daily Digest: email is triggered even if nothing new happened since user's last login
ZENQ-2710 PDF.js-- enhance restrictions to prevent user select/copy text/print
ZENQ-2701 SSO: LDAP case sensitive comparison
ZENQ-2693 Session expiration not resetting for particular server-side actions
ZENQ-2688 PDFs with Adobe signatures are not showing the signatures anymore when viewing in JS Viewer
ZENQ-2684 Multi-select custom field update comment contains the '|||' separator instead of ';'
ZENQ-2675 Issues on tool that retrieves build version from github
ZENQ-2672 Dashboard Flickering Issue
ZENQ-2669 New Dash - exporting in tables that have filters on columns yields less data
ZENQ-2563 OLD Dashboard - Clicking '#CAPAs were approved for implementation' redirects to empty table in myCAPAs page
ZENQ-2534 Jump to Qsheet search box in page header doesn't behave as expected
ZENQ-2407 IE Bugs with new dash
ZENQ-2308 UI: Page layout is broken on resize
ZENQ-2295 Dashboard - Export to excel - blank row is added
ZENQ-2019 Languages: Localization - /dashboard.aspx 2
ZENQ-2006 Link in the email received when an account is activated is broken
ZENQ-1943 Dashboard (old): Wrong 'Issues Where You Are an Investigator' count in Overdue Items modal
ZENQ-1917 Dashboard (old): Received announcements are not showing on Dashboard (since last login)
ZENQ-1102 Dashboard (old): Issue/CAPA drill down link for New Issues or New CAPAs has potential flaw

project = ZENQ AND issuetype in (Bug, Bug_qTest, Improvement) AND fixVersion = 2017.2 ORDER BY key ASC, priority DESC, updated DESC 

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