Update 9/13/22: We are moving the production deployment from Thursday Oct 6 to Friday Oct 7 due to an increase to the anticipated amount of downtime 


We are pleased to announce the 2022.1 release! 

With this new version, we are introducing the following new features/improvements to ZenQMS:

  1. We are moving the User management table to the Settings page
  2. Introducing SSO self-configuration for accounts using or who wish to use Single Sign On. You will now be able to set up SSO configurations without having to contact the help desk to do this
  3. The ability to delete a Change Control or an Issue
  4. Adding Advanced Filtering to the Change Controls Full Table, Issues Full Table, and Task Full Table
  5. You can identify Change Control or Issues categories (and any items in those categories) as potentially containing Protected Health Information or Proprietary Information 
  6. Changes to who can be assigned to a Change Control or an Issue as a Project Assignee, as well as Task Assignees 
  7. The execute signature slider for advancing a stage in a Change Control or Issue, will contain the stage transition name and new stage name so that signees understand the context of what they’re signing
  8. When exporting a Change Control or Issue to PDF, you will have the option to include/not include the Details section, updates to the Include all Attachments and Include all Tasks options, and exports will be defaulted to 8.5x11 page size
  9.  New WRITE endpoint available in our Public API library: editing the list of options for single/multi-select custom fields
  10. Expanded the transactions that appear in the visible Account Audit Trail table. Particular actions occurring in Settings, Change Controls, and Issues have always been captured in our database audit trail, and are now available for your easy access. For the complete list, please see the Trace matrix included in the link below


We will be deprecating the following functionality:

  1. The Users table in the Administration page
  2. The ability to create new users from an Audit Report page


We are making the following backend change, which will not affect functionality in any way, but has an impact on the availability of the sandbox environment (see Impact section below:

  1. SSO certificate files and configuration data is being moved to a new table and schema in the database. This has no impact to users and therefore is not appearing in the release notes traceability matrix. It has gone through our normal SDLC processes and has been tested heavily. 



This release affects:

  • All accounts and the administrators who performing account user management (add new users, disable old users, etc)
  • Any management/IT groups who are using SSO and relying on ZenQMS’s help desk to configure settings and update certificates
  • Any accounts using Change Controls, Issues or Tasks modules
  • Any account using, or wishing to use, our Public API library for Change Control, Issues, or Tasks modules
  • Any accounts who use Audit Reports


Due to a backend database change related to where we store SSO certificates, we will be deploying the 2022.1 version to the sandbox environment 4 days before we deploy to production. This is to provide a few days to allow any clients using SSO to login to sandbox.zenqms.com to verify our changes made no impact to SSO logins. The impact here is that from October 3rd - October 7th the sandbox environment will not match app.zenqms.com and should be taken under consideration if you plan to use sandbox for any go-live validations or migrations. 




This release is being managed through change control 301-34. You can download a copy of the first stages of the system release record, including the requirements and testing traceability matrix for release notes here: 2022.1 System Release Record 301-34 Release Notes. An entire release record will be available for review after the release is completed, in the auditor share account.


We expect 90-120 minutes of downtime.


Version Details


ZenQMS comprises a microservice architecture that breaks up large functions into smaller services. This reduces risk in the development and release process. As such this flagship release version is actually composed of the releases of the individual services components. It is entirely possible for a component service to not change versions in a release cycle even if other components do. Here is the summary for this release.


ZenQMS Release 2022.1 contains the following “FixVersions”.  We use FixVersion as an internal versioning scheme for our modules/services and maintain them in Jira.

AUTH 4.0, CCM 5.0, IM 4.0, PDF 4.0, TM 4.0, ZENQ 23.0


Updated Modules:





Change Control





Unchanged Modules: 



Important Notes:

As noted above, we will be deploying to the Sandbox environment 4 days ahead of the production deployment

This announcement plus the banner announcement in the application to ALL users is our formal announcement for the release.

Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team.

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