2020.1P2 addresses problems in the application related to turning the new Issues module on, past due items on the main dashboard, as well as some other minor bug fixes. 

This release is being managed through change control 301-5 and a full set of validation documents will be published after the release. You can download a copy of the 2020.1P2 Requirements & Traceability Matrix - Summary Release Notes.

We do not expect any downtime.

  • AUTH-168: Auth sync with Daily Digest email: rollbar error for 1 user
  • CCM-1457: Change Controls created within milliseconds of each other receive the same integer in                      the item Key
  • IM-763: Navigating to a different tab with a slider open causes the app to crash
  • IM-764: Account Modules: Issues toggle switch is active and it should not be for members who do                 not have the New Issues module activated in the database
  • IM-765: Request Due Date Change - Approved, the button is still deactivated until user refreshes                   the page
  • IM-768: 'Type' dropdown box of Account Custom Fields can be cut off in a short table
  • PDF-147: Display the default page for file attachments that fail to convert to PDF
  • PDF-165: Migrated Issue in ZenQMS has a stage where HTML cannot be exported to PDF
  • PDF-166: PDFs attachments are not embedded into final PDF of item
  • TM-114: The cursor in rich text fields returns to the beginning after some time
  • TM-120: User who is not a Project, Stage, or Admin Super User can see Draft Tasks
  • ZENQ-4003: Past Due Items on Main Dashboard contains completed items
  • ZENQ-4004: My Company filter on Main Dashboard endpoint is crashing UI causing a never                                  ending loading bar
  • ZENQ-4005: Some Notifications aren't being sent in Issues module
  • ZENQ-4006: The tab is not closing when opening Issues Legacy filters from RVI
  • ZENQ-4007: Exported items from Audit Trail: token parameter is exported to csv/excel and it should                       not be
  • ZENQ-4008: Notifications for Task status changes are not working
  • ZENQ-4019: Reports-Filter:Issues is still displayed after Legacy Issues is OFF
  • ZENQ-4022: Regular user with 'Can See Training Records for Whole Company' permission can see                         Past Items on new modules and -1 on Legacy
  • ZENQ-4038: Audit trail failing to capture stage step role changes
  • ZENQ-4059: Jump to Qsheet is not displayed on mobile devices
  • ZENQ-4063: Table filters are not maintained in an export of Account Custom Fields table and Account Roles/Permissions table

Version Details

ZenQMS comprises a microservice architecture that breaks up large functions into smaller services. This reduces risk in the development and release process. As such this flagship release version is actually comprised of the releases of the individual services components. It is entirely possible for a component service to not change versions in a release cycle even if other components do. Here is the summary for this release.

ZenQMS Release 2020.1P2 contains the following “FixVersions”.  We use FixVersion as an internal versioning scheme for our modules/services and maintain them in Jira.

Updated Modules:

  • ZENQ 19.2 - Flagship application and all other modules/components that are not Change Control, Issues, Tasks, Reports, or Settings
  • AUTH 2.1 - Authorization service
  • IM 1.1 - Issues Module
  • TM 1.1 - Tasks Module
  • PDF 1.3 - PDF generation service
  • CCM 2.3 - Change Control Modules

Unchanged Modules:

  • Reports 2.0 - Reports Module

Important Notes:

  • This announcement plus the banner announcement in the application to ALL users is our formal announcement for the release.
  • We plan to deploy on 12-MAR-2020 at 6pm EST. If this causes any issues for your team, please email help@zenqms.com as soon as possible -- we do not expect any downtime or slowness during deployment.
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team-- so don't worry!
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