2020.1P1 addresses critical problems in the application related to logins and e-signatures. Several clients have reported slowness in the login process, 20 seconds or more in some cases. We are also addressing a problem 2 clients reported re: e-signatures with SAML 2.0 forced re-auth and new browser security restrictions.

This release is being managed through change control 301-4 and a full set of validation documents will be published and added to the auditor share as they are approved. Note this will all be one self contained file, which will be easier to read and track exactly to our SDLC.

Due to the possible impact on logins and e-signatures we are treating it as a 'Critical' patch per the Quality Technical Agreement. As a result we will be releasing this patch as soon as QA completes testing protocols.

We do not expect any downtime.

  • ZENQ-4014: scripts.min.js is causing slow performance in login and throughout the application
  • ZENQ-4016: Clients with SSO configured SAML cannot submit e-signatures
  • ZENQ-4009: Login and changing member function is very slow (>20sec)

Version Details

ZenQMS comprises a microservice architecture that breaks up large functions into smaller services. This reduces risk in the development and release process. As such this flagship release version is actually comprised of the releases of the individual services components. It is entirely possible for a component service to not change versions in a release cycle even if other components do. Here is the summary for this release.

ZenQMS Release 2020.1P1 contains the following “FixVersions”.  We use FixVersion as an internal versioning scheme for our modules/services and maintain them in Jira.

Updated Modules:

  • ZENQ 19.1 - Flagship application and all other modules/components that are not Change Control, Issues, Tasks, Reports, or Settings

Unchanged Modules:

  • AUTH 2.0 - Authorization service
  • IM 1.0 - Issues Module
  • TM 1.0 - Tasks Module
  • PDF 1.2 - PDF generation service
  • Reports 2.0 - Reports Module
  • CCM 2.2 - Change Control Modules

Important Notes:

  • This announcement plus the banner announcement in the application to ALL users is our formal announcement for the release.
  • We plan to deploy on 11-FEB-2020 at 6pm EST. If this causes any issues for your team, please email help@zenqms.com as soon as possible -- we do not expect any downtime or slowness during deployment.
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team-- so don't worry!
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