Note: Our billing portal is a separate application from your ZenQMS account. The portal allows you easy access to past invoices/payments/charges and ability to manage your own source of payment.  It can be accessed at


All clients are provided access at initiation, and you should certainly let us know if we should Include a dedicated Accounts Payable department email address or any other colleagues. You may get invited directly with an email from



Currently we receive payments by ACH/WIRE. For our smaller clients who qualify, we can also take payment monthly by credit card.  


Logging into the Payment Portal

Remember, when logging into the payment portal, you will be using a different login / password from your ZenQMS account.  If you don't have an account, please email


When you log in, you have access to view any current balances, your default payment options, etc.:mceclip0.png


Setting Up Preferred Payment

To set up your preferred payment (currently only credit card), click the Manage link above the Payment Methods tile and follow the instructions and set it as default:mceclip0.png


To Make a Payment

Click the "mceclip1.png" button or click the Payments menu option at the top and follow the on screen instructions:


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