We are pleased to announce Major Release 2019.3.  Please click this link to download the 2019.3 Requirements & Testing Traceability Matrix (Summary for Release Notes).pdf referenced below.

This is a very narrow release-- it creates a robust query/export engine for new parts of the application and addresses some minor bugs. 

In terms of scope/impact, if your account has not yet activated Change Control module, then this release does not affect you.  

Validation/Deployment Details

  • This announcement plus the banner announcement in the application to ALL users is our formal announcement for the release.  
  • We plan to deploy on 12-DEC-2019 at 9pm EST. If this causes any issues for your team, please email help@zenqms.com as soon as possible -- we expect some slowness or possible down-time during deployment.    
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team-- so don't worry!
  • All changes will be available for you to access and test at test.zenqms.com immediately. The data in test.zenqms.com was reset to match production data in late summer 2019. If you have any problems logging in, please email help@zenqms.com.  
  • This release is being managed under change control #301-1 and a full set of validation documents will be published and added to the auditor share as they are approved. Note this will all be one self contained file, which will be easier to read and track exactly to our SDLC.
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