We are pleased to announce Major Release 2018.2. This release is the first half of our new application experience; the second half is expected later this fall and it will introduce the new Change Control module. The major focuses of this release are around bug fixes and enhancements to core functionality in the documents, training and issues modules. Included below are the details of this release (in order of significance/impact):

  • Training
    • Allow authorized 'trainer' ability to make users compliant or non-compliant on items or create personal training events
    • Added new event type "OJT" 
    • Click here for an article that contains more details on the "OJT" event and 'trainer' permissions 
  • Issues
    • Change terminology for issue related actions from "CAPA" to "Action".  This is a substantial change from a UI change but has no impact on functionality. The thought here is that clients can tag an action as a CAPA type using the category dropdown, but in this way we allow clients the flexibility to not tag all issue related actions as CAPA.
    • Added specific permissions to allow authorized users to alter implementation dates for issues or CAPAs, change CAPA assignees
    • Added permission for creating new issues
  • General:
    • Added tools to allow admins to change user first, last name or title
    • Added SSO enabled e-signatures without requiring PINs for SAML 2.0 enabled IdP
    • A number of updates to the file conversion utility (Aspose) that address bugs and add new functionality
    • Corrected some issues with the back up file that could sometimes cause errors.

There are a number of minor improvements and bug fixes worth reviewing in the detailed list below.

Validation/Deployment Details

  • This announcement plus the banner announcement in the application to ALL users is our formal announcement for the release.  
  • We plan to deploy on 4-November-2018 at 9pm EST. Please email help@zenqms.com as soon as possible if this causes any issues for your team-- we would expect some slowness or possible down time during deployment.    
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team-- so don't worry!
  • About those Xs in the release notes title: clients have asked us to include the source code build ID in these release notes.  We will do so post deployment-- this will match the version ID in production.
  • All changes will be available for you to access and test at test.zenqms.com immediately, which was reset to production data as of early September 2018.  Please email help@zenqms.com if you have any problems logging in.  
  • This release is being managed under change control #23231 and a full set of validation documents will be published and added to the auditor share as it is approved.  



ZENQ-3019 (Improvement): Change CAPA terminology to be more generic by replacing with Action

ZENQ-3023 (Improvement): Add new permission: Can Add New Issue

ZENQ-3022 (Improvement): Allow authorized user to change CAPA assignee for non-draft CAPAs

ZENQ-3021 (Improvement): Allow authorized user to change issue/action implementation date for non-draft issues/actions


ZENQ-3025 (Improvement): Add OJT/Certification which will support recurring intervals and can be added to a course curriculum. 

ZENQ-3020 (Improvement): Allow authorized user to make someone compliant/non-compliant on a document / event

ZENQ-3116 (Improvement): Allow trainer with permission to create personal event for any user

ZENQ-3117 (Improvement): Training Events full table - add Event ID column

ZENQ-2865 (Bug): Training Events: newly added event will not show in New assignments count

ZENQ-3011 (Bug): Uploading Test Questions - Shows <br>

ZENQ-3161 (Improvement): Document - manage assigned trainees - allow selection of individual users from a group

ZENQ-3158 (Bug): Event assignment - selecting/deselecting a group will not select/deselect all users under it

ZENQ-3157 (Bug): Event assignments - un-assigning all users under a group does not un-assign the group


ZENQ-2570 (Improvement): Documents: Remove details from document review signature reasons

ZENQ-2657 (Improvement): Documents: Revision History section in exported PDFs should exclude the author information


These changes relate to improvements and fixes to the utlity that creates PDF converted versions of uploaded files.

ZENQ-2698 (Bug): Aspose > dates in pivot tables in Excel file export as numbers to PDF

ZENQ-2836 (Improvement): Aspose > Force update the ToC when ripping to PDF

ZENQ-2712 (Bug): Aspose > Generated PDF of document is corrupted if watermark is added

ZENQ-2561 (Bug): Aspose > PDF conversion issues with Word docs containing formula

ZENQ-2940 (Bug): Aspose > problems converting VSD files

ZENQ-1066 (Bug): Aspose > Special characters in txt files are not correctly converted to PDF

ZENQ-2943 (Improvement): Aspose > update components

ZENQ-2963 (Improvement): File Format API > Create re-usable component


General / Utilities

ZENQ-3147 (Improvement): Forced re-authentication e-signature type (to allow SAML compliant SSO IdP clients to sign without a PIN)


These items address issues that were sometimes causing backups created error logs in the local account ZIP file

ZENQ-2408 (Bug): Not all audits pdf are present in backup file.

ZENQ-2812 (Bug): Audit reports - the custom fields entry in the db is not created for automatically created targeted recurring audit reports


UI improvements/fixes that relate to the new navigation format

NOVA-120 (Improvement): Unsaved work flag: wire legacy app to the flag in new nav V2

NOVA-133 (Bug): ReferenceError: 'gridState' is undefined

NOVA-46 (Bug): Tabs with special characters on their names aren't loading properly on the New Navigation - V2

NOVA-136 (Improvement): Improvements on Header + Tab focus indicator


Other Misc. fixes

NOVA-134 (Bug): PDF.js-- user is NOT able to access external hyperlinks when viewing PDFs on screen

ZENQ-3167 (Bug): Issue Details-- Save validation and exit flag not working correctly when required custom fields

NOVA-135 (Bug): Lato font is being replaced by Arial in some areas of the Dashboard

ZENQ-3074 (Bug): Localization: Text not translated in Add Button

ZENQ-3166 (Bug): Login without password - combo

ZENQ-3156 (Bug): Member logo loss of quality

ZENQ-2989 (Bug): Too many links cause CB error/fail-- especially in Document Management/Review window

ZENQ-2427 (Bug): [UI][NewDashboard] - Counts are not refreshed on main dashboard - right hand side menu

ZENQ-3112 (Improvement): Allow User title, first name and last name to be edited from Users full table

ZENQ-2233 (Improvement): Permissions: Update Document Archive permission name

ZENQ-2967 (Story): Error handling > Switch to Rollbar on .NET (for better error tracking in production)

ZENQ-3005 (Improvement): Hiding/Deleting Old or unused Functionality

ZENQ-3223 (Improvement): Data migration - Immediate Retraining Required should default to True for migrated documents

ZENQ-2883 (Improvement): Change layout of password reset email and invite emails to avoid mistakes 

project in (Nova, "ZenQMS Flagship",Endurance, Hyperloop, Lumen, PDFizer) AND fixVersion = 2018.2 AND type in (bug, improvement, story)


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