Creating a Group Event


Users with the correct permissions can create group events.

PERMISSION = "Can Add New Training Events"


1. Log into ZenQMS, click on the Training tab on the lefthand side

2. Click on the dropdown labeled "My Training Dashboard", select Training: Events

3. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_9.02.11_AM.png, create a Topic for the event and fill in the date of the event, click Create

4. The Event Management/Review window will open, fill in the required fields

5. You can upload any attachments you would like to include by clicking on the "Upload More" link or link any existing item that is in the app by clicking on Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_9.03.50_AM.png

6. Before you can Manage Invited Users/Groups, you will have to Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_9.02.41_AM.png so it becomes effective. Please note: no changes to the event can be made once the event is effective.

7. When you click on Screen_Shot_2018-10-04_at_10.12.33_AM.png, a window will pop up that will allow you to add "Additional Steps" to the workflow.  Once you are done, click on "Launch Workflow"

8. If you are the Organizer, a e-sign window will appear and you can immediately sign off on the approval, if not an alert will be send to the designated organizer as well as anyone else who was added in an "Additional Step"

9. Once approved, you will be able to go back into the event and add individual or group participants to the event, by clicking on the "Select a User or Group to Add"

10. On the Date of the event all invited people will receive a signature request to verify that they attended the event and it will be logged to their dossier. 



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