Patch 2018.1 Patch 2 is meant to address minor bugs listed below. The changes do not impact data integrity or security, and have no material impact on User or Functional Requirements.  This release is being managed through change control 18588 and will be deployed 18-Jun-2018.  We expect no downtime from the deployment. 

Please see Change Control in Auditor Share for more details.


ZENQ-3065 Backup service - backups complete with errors
ZENQ-3056 Audit close out fails when a PDF is attached
ZENQ-3048 Audit Close Out: Attachments uploaded in Audit Close Out modal are NOT visible in Attachments section OR exported PDF
ZENQ-2999 API calls for CURRENT EFFECTIVE revision or pdf returning unapproved version.
ZENQ-2927 Audits Issue Date is updated every time any audit workflow is completed
ZENQ-2057 Events: Blank rows with Non-Compliant status appear in the PDF, CSV and Excel files exported for Training Event Participants


NOVA-223 GDPR Rollbar Error Tracking changes
ZENQ-3047 2FA: Security protocol change for communication with Twilio
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