With the 27.0.1 release we will be fixing a bug that is not noticeable to users in a direct way, but can impact performance. Upon logging in, a list of users is loaded and this bug can cause poor performance when loading users. 


Date: February 5th, 2024

Time: 7pm EST


No impact to users.


This release is being managed through change control 301-67. You can download a copy of the first stages of the system release record, including the requirements and testing traceability matrix for release notes here: 27.0.1 System Release Record 301-67 Release Notes. An entire release record will be available for review after the release is completed, in the auditor share account.

We expect no downtime.

Version Details

ZenQMS comprises a microservice architecture that breaks up large functions into smaller services. This reduces risk in the development and release process. As such this flagship release version is actually composed of the releases of the individual services components. It is entirely possible for a component service to not change versions in a release cycle even if other components do. Here is the summary for this release.

ZenQMS Release 27.0.1 contains the following “FixVersions”.  We use FixVersion as an internal versioning scheme for our modules/services and maintain them in Jira.

AUTH 5.8

Updated Modules

no modules were updated

Unchanged Modules

  • Training
  • Documents
  • Audits
  • Issues
  • Change Control
  • Tasks
  • Settings
  • Administration
  • Daily Summary emails
  • Import/Export Data service
  • SSO configuration
  • Reports
  • PDF generation service

Important Notes

  • This announcement plus the banner announcement in the application to ALL users is our formal announcement for the release.
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team.
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