Over the past year we have been working hard to make ZenQMS easier to use and more intuitive.  Our newest release (2016.3) implements some key building blocks (including Single Sign-On!) and introduces an all new dashboard and user interface.  Bear with us as we roll out the new interface throughout the application.  

If you would like a sneak peak at SSO and the new dashboard send your request to help@zenqms.com.  

This will be an exciting year both in terms of visible improvements and new modules clients have been asking for AND significant improvements 'under the hood' to make the application even faster.  

Thanks as always to our customers that send us great ideas and to our developers who have been working overtime to launch. 

Single Sign-On (SSO)  for Everyone who Hates Too Many Passwords

We get it-- you hate logging in and memorizing extra passwords.  ZenQMS' new SSO option is a standardized and secure method which will allow users to enter our application seamlessly based on your existing network login.  So no extra email/password to have to keep track of (or write down on a yellow sticky pad on your monitor).  We have implemented the leading industry standard (SAML 2.0) and have also implemented ADFS technology for verifying your identity in electronic signatures.  Your IT staff will love being able to provision or turn off access using your internal active directory tools.  It's a big win.

New and improved Dashboard UI

We love our old dashboard for its simplicity and ease of use-- and that's the feedback we got from every customer.  But we thought we could make it even better, with more information at your fingertips whether you are a general user or manager. The design goal was simple: to deliver a simpler, easier, and faster UI to our customers.  And we invited a number of our customers to let us know if we were meeting this spec as we went along. Check it out below.  Importantly-- use of the new dashboard will be optional for existing customers, but certainly worth a look.

The first thing you will notice about the new ZenQMS dashboard is the modern UI; it is more intuitive, perfectly organized, and a pleasure to look at visually. The new simplified view will allow you to see high level actionable items pertinent to not only yourself but also your direct reports and your company. You may also dive into the details by viewing the Training, Documents, Audit/Observations, Issue/CAPA dashboards which are easily accessible from the main dashboard.

Saved Reports/Table Filters

We are continuing our quest to make our data simple to use/navigate.  If you have a particular view you like-- you can save it. And load it with a single click from your "Reports" dashboard.  Better yet, you can share that view with everyone in your company.  Or send it to just a single person.  And they can save it as their own view.   Pretty cool and simple. 


Complete list of Improvements and Production Bugs addressed with this release: 

Key Summary Issue Type
ZENQ-2373 Handle email address changes for SSO users Improvement
ZENQ-2375 Rework ZenQMS Daily Digest Email to match new dashboard Improvement
ZENQ-2268 Old dashboard to New dashboard transition Improvement
ZENQ-2323 Add new/improved approach for handling major user announcements Improvement
ZENQ-1371 Update Training Status calculation in Controlled Files table to include users/groups assigned to a course Improvement
ZENQ-2290 Remove Forum tab and related items from the app Improvement
ZENQ-1946 Issue description text box needs to be an available field for the issues table Improvement
ZENQ-1891 Redesign of 2FA Verification Page Improvement
ZENQ-1228 Login Screen Improvement
ZENQ-1876 Replace PW link expiration message Improvement
ZENQ-1881 Redesign PW recovery page - Step #2 Improvement
ZENQ-1798 Update e-signature window to account for SSO authentication & force users to re-enter login name AND password if it's the first signing of their session Improvement
ZENQ-2391 Allow test authors to delete non-compliant assignees Improvement
ZENQ-1810 Users: "Send Immediate Invites" toggle in Upload Multiple Users window Improvement
ZENQ-2287 Remove old support pages: Getting Help, Knowledge Base, Video Training Center Improvement
ZENQ-2381 Update Training Status for Groups in Trainee Records view Improvement
ZENQ-1477 New Dashboard Improvement
ZENQ-1546 404 Pages Improvement
ZENQ-1817 Single Sign-On Improvement
ZENQ-1828 Swap Icons Improvement
ZENQ-1875 Link ZenQMS logo to the app URL Improvement
ZENQ-1893 Redesign PW recovery page - Step #1 Improvement
ZENQ-1894 Redesign of Security Verification Page Improvement
ZENQ-1895 Change the way we load Aspose license in the code Improvement
ZENQ-2056 General Technology: New Page headers elements and design Improvement
ZENQ-2075 Updated Footer Improvement
ZENQ-2080 Add Redis session storage capability Improvement
ZENQ-2326 Add new/improved approach 'app messages' and system notifications Improvement
ZENQ-2383 Export Rich text fields from Observations and CAPAs tables to Excel with HTML tags stripped out Improvement
ZENQ-2411 Prevent controlled copy issuance unless document is Effective Improvement
No ID Saved report filters in critical tables that work with Dashboard Reports functionality Improvement
ZENQ-1938 Site merge does not handle member custom field conflicts properly Bug
ZENQ-2235 Misspelled total messages prompt Bug
ZENQ-2301 Issues: validation for required custom fields is not made before workflow launch Bug
ZENQ-2410 Locklizard-- prevent memory freeze/lock out through better error handling Bug
ZENQ-2198 Blank watermark is added in the exported controlled copy Bug
ZENQ-2202 Non-Compliant training records are not deleted when a course is deleted Bug
ZENQ-2394 Allow users to view profile for disabled users Bug
ZENQ-2358 Qsheet: Logo displayed in Site information bar is from current member, NOT from site's member Bug
ZENQ-1932 Documents with long names do not get exported with account backup Bug
ZENQ-2104 Mobile phones are auto capitalizing passwords Bug
ZENQ-2266 Incorrect target date for recurring audit reports in reports pages Bug
ZENQ-2305 Dashboard: Filtering of data in action section tables Bug
ZENQ-2362 Site merge - Integer and decimal custom fields values are lost on merge Bug
ZENQ-2372 Retired documents with retirement date in the future Bug


project = ZENQ AND issuetype in (Bug, Bug_qTest, Improvement) AND fixVersion = 2016.3 ORDER BY key ASC, status ASC, cf[10502] DESC, cf[10501] DESC, cf[10500] DESC EXCLUDE DEV/TEST ONLY

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  • We should have mentioned an important improvement for saving reports and table filters. These notes were updated on 10-Mar-2017 

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