On behalf of the ZenQMS team I am happy to announce the release of ZenQMS 2016.1!  As always, the release does not cost our customers anything and will automatically be available to all users the week of July 17th.  The team has been hard at work through this cycle introducing new features and fixing minor bugs.

I also note that we have enhanced our delivery process in two important ways. First, we are moving to a development schedule that targets three major releases per year.  To ensure our customers have the best experience and avoid problems of major or critical bugs, quick patch releases will be routine throughout the 2016.1 lifecycle. All releases will be fully documented per our SOPs and Software Development Lifecycle.

The most significant changes/new features include Controlled Copy issuance for any document and Language Localization—we are very excited about both.

Your comments, feedback, and suggestions help us to improve this and future releases of ZenQMS. Send me your thoughts on what we should fix or work on next (panos@zenqms.com)!




Documents: Issue, Track, Update, and Destroy Controlled Copies of any Document

In many instances controlled environments require issuance of controlled/numbered copies.  Think about sensitive production environments, secure documents issued to particular individuals, etc.  ZenQMS makes this very easy to do for any document set to the Controlled Copy security profile.


  • Authorized users can issue controlled copies the same way they download normal documents.



  • Users can issue a complete or partial Controlled Copy and register critical metadata (e.g. Batch Record ID) and preview their document


  • Users can review all past issuances of the document and certify destruction.


Documents: Including Dynamic Headers for Files Exported as Converted PDFs

Clients can now automatically insert a ‘traditionally’ formatted header into any exported PDFs to include key document metadata and custom fields. We updated user timestamps and controlled copy notations to be part of this section.  These options can be granted at the category level and toggled on/off at the document level.  Headers can include:

  • 1st two rows:
    • Customer Logo
    • Standard Document Fields (Category, Title, Version, State, Effective Date, and Document ID)
  • Optional Custom Field row can show up to 3 custom fields
  • User time stamp and dynamic page numbering for the whole document including ZenQMS Pages
  • Controlled Copy notations: clearly identifiable and including Copy ID# and Notes

Documents: Updated, Shorter Format for ZenQMS Document Pages

We have had a great deal of feedback on the content of our standard pages, including key document settings & metadata. Our new approach for Standard and Detailed PDFs is:

  • ZenQMS pages that include key system data for a document, will now be inserted as the final pages of the document
  • Entire document will have dynamic/continuous page numbering
  • ‘Standard PDF’ Version includes: Revision History & Document Electronic Signatures
  • ‘Detailed PDF’ Version includes:
    • All document details
    • Custom Fields
    • Links
    • Training Assignments & Test Questions (for authorized personnel)
    • Comments

Application Localization

ZenQMS has a worldwide clientele, and we have been moving to make the application friendlier, beginning with addition of Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

As part of the release, the following pages of the application now offer localization:

  • Dashboard
  • mySettings: Personal Information, Password, and Preferences
  • Documents: Controlled Files
  • Training: Trainee Records

Additional pages will be localized in future releases!


Document Version Comments in the application & exported PDFs

Now you can view version comments for the current and or all past versions of a document. The view from the Document Management/Review window is below. 



Other General Fixes:

  • Streamlined password recovery page and new user invite
  • Removed “Restricted PDF” option
  • Launching DRAFT Review automatically adds all authors to review


Below is a list of all newly implemented User Requirements, Improvements or bugs addressed in this release.

User Requirements (New)

ZENQ-1142      As a user, I would like be able view cross version comments on a single document in Document Management/Review window

ZENQ-1899      As an Authorized User, I want to issue a Controlled Copy of all or part of a document

ZENQ-1904      As an Authorized User, I want to see a table of all Controlled Copies issued for a document

ZENQ-1925      Documents: As an Authorized User, I want to certify destruction of a controlled copy

ZENQ-1912      Documents: As an Authorized User, I want to insert a dynamic header to the converted PDF versions of a document that includes basic document information

ZENQ-960        Languages: As a user, I want the ability to add multiple languages within the application

ZENQ-1319      Login: As an existing User with 2FA enabled, I want the application to remember my device


Functional Requirements (New)

ZENQ-1907      Add Button: “Certify Destruction”

ZENQ-1908      Add Controlled Copies history table to Controlled Copies tab

ZENQ-1906      Add new button: Issue Controlled Copy” which opens the Controlled Copy Issuance window

ZENQ-1903      Add new column “Controlled Copy” to “Manage Category Users” window

ZENQ-1905      Add new tab “Controlled Copies” to Document Management/Review window

ZENQ-1890      Application error logger

ZENQ-1887      DevExpress

ZENQ-1210      Documents: "Document Security" form field for Document Category

ZENQ-1913      Documents: Add controls to Manage Document Category window for inserting document header and custom fields

ZENQ-1926      Documents: Add new admin permission "Can Certify Destruction of a Controlled Copy"

ZENQ-1052      Documents: Create 'Draft Review Workflow Launch' window

ZENQ-1918      Documents: Create Controlled Copy Issuance window

ZENQ-1915      Documents: Create PDF header template that will be added to exported documents

ZENQ-1213      Documents: PDF Watermark settings for Document Categories (User/Time Stamp & Custom Watermark)

ZENQ-1451      Global Elements: "Custom Fields" section will show all active custom fields for the relevant item/page type

ZENQ-1427      Global Elements: Footer on all ZenQMS created PDFs

ZENQ-961        Languages: /controlled-files.aspx

ZENQ-980        Languages: /records.aspx [this is Trainee Records page]

ZENQ-979        Languages: /site--snapshot.aspx

ZENQ-1003      Languages: Localization - /dashboard.aspx

ZENQ-1124      Languages: mySettings > Password

ZENQ-1976      Languages: mySettings > Personal Information

ZENQ-1114      Login page layout, hyperlinks, "Sign In" button and validation logic/actions

ZENQ-1171      Login: "Remember This Device" field and functionality during Security Verification

ZENQ-1120      Login: Password Recovery Page, reCAPTCHA widget & Process

ZENQ-1132      Personal Settings: Preferences page elements and design

ZENQ-1845      Show cumulative version comments in Doc Mgt/Review

ZENQ-1655      Tests: Add button "Duplicate Test"

ZENQ-1498      Users: "Add New User" window & email invitation

ZENQ-1505      Users: "Send Invite" window & email invitation

ZENQ-432        Users: Button "Reset Password" that resets password and security settings and triggers email




ZENQ-1923      Add "Authorized Users Can Issue Controlled Copies" option to "Document Security" dropdown to Batch Upload window

ZENQ-1900      Add "Authorized Users Can Issue Controlled Copies" option to "Document Security" dropdown

ZENQ-1961      Add PDF Header with Document Data column for document migration

ZENQ-1901      Add “Authorized Users Can Issue Controlled Copies” option to “Document Security” dropdown

ZENQ-1902      Add “Issue Controlled Copy” link in Document Export Options for authorized users

ZENQ-1226      Auto carry over links to Test Duplicate

ZENQ-1919      Change Title of User Time Stamp option in Manage Document Category

ZENQ-1309      Don't pre-assign authors to Draft Review workflow

ZENQ-1957      PDF header flag for documents added through batch upload

ZENQ-1930      Prevent users from deleting or disabling Custom Fields if they are part of a PDF header

ZENQ-1843      Remove Bookmark feature and related buttons

ZENQ-1911      Remove the "Download a Restricted PDF (standard)" option for exported document PDFs

ZENQ-1173      Show Member Defined Dropdown field list in alpha/ascending order in all places

ZENQ-1909      Update PDF Export formats for all documents including Controlled Copies

ZENQ-1924      Update document migration options for Doc Security column

ZENQ-1916      Update global element footer for different approach with documents

ZENQ-2010      Update password reset logic

ZENQ-973        mysettings > Preferences: Add language preference combobox



ZENQ-2003      Add new auditor for 'I am uploading a Client or Regulatory Audit of my GxP site' report type crashes

ZENQ-2009      App message for successfully taking a test is displayed when trying to train on a document

ZENQ-1951      Authors / reviewers get retraining data for automatically created training records

ZENQ-1984      Browser autocompletes password fields

ZENQ-1968      Checkbox text falls on the next line when converting Word to PDF

ZENQ-1950      Compliant users that are no longer assigned get retraining data

ZENQ-1971      Custom Fields Display Order

ZENQ-2002      Field name in comment added when changing value of 'PDF User/Time Stamp' field is wrong

ZENQ-1994      Images inserted into html editors through file import are not exported to PDF

ZENQ-1999      Languages: 'User Retraining Interval and 'Document Review Interval' are localized in comments added when values for those fields are changed

ZENQ-2001      Languages: Changes made at Document Category level are localized in comments added when saving changes

ZENQ-1992      Languages: PDF document header is localized

ZENQ-1990      Languages: Some system emails are localized

ZENQ-1991      Languages: app should enforce the same date format on all languages

ZENQ-1996      Languages: app should enforce the same decimal and thousand separators on all languages

ZENQ-1872      Last login date does not record 1st login

ZENQ-2024      Last row pushed to next page when converting a Word to PDF

ZENQ-1941      Login dates not captured with two-factor authentication

ZENQ-1975      Manage Document Categories: disabled users can be selected as authorized for a step

ZENQ-1960      Non-compliant TR for user assigned to event through a group is not deleted when the user is removed from the event (individually)

ZENQ-1855      Required category steps are wrong when launching the document approval/retirement workflow

ZENQ-2012      Server-side storage of item IDs

ZENQ-1997      UI problems after localization for 1366x768 screen resolution (windows 7, browser IE)

ZENQ-1167      Unsaved work flag still shows after launching retirement workflow

ZENQ-1087      User can set himself as supervisor


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