2015.1 Patch 5 addresses some minor bugs in the application. Please see the Action Plan section for a summary of updated release documentation and attachments. This Change Control and all related documents will also be stored as part of the patch's validation documentation set for audits.

These bugs do not impact data integrity or security, and have no material impact on User or Functional Requirements. Change Control #1676 was created to summarize release documentation and related attachments.

The bugs are as follows:

ZENQ-1095 Training records get corrupted if a user completes training twice
ZENQ-1094 Training records not created for disabled users when they are assigned to training through a group
ZENQ-1092 Prevent deletion of groups that are assigned to items in the app
ZENQ-1091 Compliant training records not ported correctly when upversioning
ZENQ-1086 Users cannot change password after admin resets it
ZENQ-1085 Add sorting in Training Dossier
ZENQ-1084 User with no permission cannot review or download an issue
ZENQ-1080 App can crash after a user changes his email in Users page
ZENQ-1074 Import File button not working in HTML Editor in Audits
ZENQ-1073 Future Training record is deleted when un-assigning a user from course
ZENQ-1022 App allows users to launch retirement or approval workflow with no active authors

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