There were some additional significant bugs that required further development and testing prior to issuance in the previous patches (ZENQ-938, ZENQ-996 & ZENQ-934). These bugs, and several other unrelated minor bugs and minor improvements will be addressed with 2015.1 Patch 3. There are four minor improvement tickets in this group (see designation below) all of which either make minor UI changes or add provide update technical functionality that do not affect functional requirements.


The fixes to these bugs do not impact data integrity or security, and have no material impact on User or Functional Requirements. Change Control #1560 was created to summarize release documentation and related attachments.

'Bug' tickets

  • ZENQ-996 Non-compliant training record added for user that is compliant but no longer assigned to a document in some cases
  • ZENQ-974 Aspose cannot convert Word docs downloaded from Sharepoint into PDF
  • ZENQ-972 Aspose shows the Evaluation Version message in generated PDFs
  • ZENQ-966 Audit Report Attachments (both report type and additional uploads) get disassociated from MemberID when change Audit Scenario
  • ZENQ-958 Aspose doesn't handle .DOT / .DOTX / Visio files
  • ZENQ-956 Document Tables-- col filters need default search criteria
  • ZENQ-952 Training Records and Courses % complete calculation incorrect
  • ZENQ-948 Disabled users appear in Trainee Records 'Direct Reports' view.
  • ZENQ-944 Trainee due date is not changed after effective date is changed
  • ZENQ-940 Problems with files that contain the _ character in the file name in comments
  • ZENQ-938 Multiple training records and assignments created for the same user in some cases
  • ZENQ-934 Docs with retraining interval set to "never" has problems with upversions that require immediate retraining
  • ZENQ-930 Manage Assigned Users/Groups grid doesn't allow sorting by column values
  • ZENQ-921 File Name column in Controlled Files should be aligned to the left
  • ZENQ-917 Limit the width of short text custom fields columns in tables
  • ZENQ-916 Uploading files with "/" makes s3 throw errors and document cannot be retrieved
  • ZENQ-915 DashBoard -> Bookmarks -> User Profile Bookmark doesn't open Profile Modal
  • ZENQ-899 In Events table and Event review window authorized Users can't "export to pdf" unless doc is effective
  • ZENQ-780 Training Event-- Group event not showing Manage Participants section until Effective 

'Improvement' tickets

  • ZENQ-1021 Controlled Files search performance improvement
  • ZENQ-1019 Review links in Workflow Action Items for documents with document security set to only view document
  • ZENQ-959 UI Change-- Change istrainingdocument flag title in batch upload window
  • ZENQ-898 Add "Export to PDF" button form Test Questions modal window
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