2013.1 Release Summary

  • Speed: It's faster on all browsers.  
  • Set Up Guide & Site Management (aka ‘Getting Green’): We have made it easier than ever for new users and members to get started with the QAB.  The new Set Up Guide provides let’s users know what they need to do to set up their personal profiles and member accounts. Links take users directly where they need to go to input information.  And the completely overhauled Site Management tab let’s users get all their sites the green check mark all on the same page.
  • New “Comment ” Observation Type: Users can now select 4 different observation severities: Comment, Minor, Major and Critical.  Observations rated as Comments will automatically not be scored and be set to “Resolved”, but as a benefit, they are all in one place, referencable, key word searchable and visible in analytics.  
  • Citations: Slick new interface for adding Audit Standards, browsing the entire standard and selecting citations for an observation.  We also enhanced the keyword search to accommodate complicated citation headings.  We are really proud of this one and appreciative of the user insight on it.
  • Tables: The Reports and Observations tables were enhanced with more fields that can be added and a new EXPORT button that quickly downloads all table data into an MS Excel CSV file on demand, so users now have a simple way to get the data and run their own analysis on demand.  Users can now also make group changes to Status and Action due dates in Observations.
  • Qsheet: We simplified the layout and made the Update Info modal window easier to use.  We also added a new permission that users would need to be able to change Qsheet Custom Field values.
  • Preventing Data Loss: It’s pretty hard to experience data loss while using The Quality Cloud, and our latest additions make it even more difficult.  We added browser controls to prevent leaving a page with unsaved fields and simple callbacks that will log you out after periods of inactivity.  
  • Audit Response Due Dates: We converted the response due dates from a hard coded date into a set period of days after issuing either the final report.  If the auditor completes the Send to Auditee workflow, this response due dates will reset to accommodate any lost time.  
  • Audit Reports Revised Executive Summary/Scorecard: A complete overhaul of this summary document to make it more informative and reduce emphasis on QAB Audit Score.  
  • New Audit Appended Documents: Uploaded documents will be appended by default.
  • Key Bug Fixes:
    • Spell Check Dictionary: “Add to Dictionary” now working.  And addressed a problem with IE8 browsers that made it difficult to use the window.
    • Observation System/Category display issue that made your selection. invisible after a save action (this one drove all of us crazy!).
    • Observation Assignees will now see Project Wire activity for any observation assigned to them.
    • Users can have special characters in their names.
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