Today, we are happy to announce the release of ZenQMS 2016.2.

16.2 is planned to be only a minor release with a few new but important improvements over 16.1. As always, the release does not cost our customers anything and will automatically be available to all users the week of September 4th.

We plan on finalizing 16.3 over the next few months (planned for December) before switching our attention full time to 17.1 so, if there is a feature or improvement you would like to see in a future release; send me your thoughts on what we should work on next (!




Introduction of Digital Rights Management (DRM) for controlled print:

The DRM enhancement will allow admins to protect PDF documents from unauthorized:

Viewing, copying, or modifying

Printing - limit printing to a number of times

Saving - prevents printing to file, PDF format (Adobe Acrobat and other PDF print drivers), common image printers, etc.

Screen Grabbing - prevents use of Windows print screen and common third party screen grabber applications

Lock effective date properties:

We returned to the most conservative view here-- once a document is effective it is locked.

Show an Effective version of a document:

With this release the application will always show an Effective version for a document if the document has one. Prior to this release when a new version was approved with a deferred effective date it would appear as APPROVED and the old version appear as immediately RETIRED. Although still accessiblie, it could create possible confusion. We have rectified this here.

Now there will always be a version shown as EFFECTIVE.

Several system bug fixes are also included with this release, including:

Corrected the user/timestamp row on documents that already contain a header.

Fixed an issue with PDF export when text contained a mailto: reference.


Below is a list of all newly implemented improvements or bugs addressed in this release.


ZENQ-2058 PDF header adjustments

ZENQ-2059 Show an Effective version if the document has one

ZENQ-2060 Lock effective date properties

ZENQ-2061 Controlled print restriction



ZENQ-1929 Rejected(effective>obsolete) documents are not visible for category users

ZENQ-1967 Answer for multiple choice questions is not copied correctly when creating a new version of a document

ZENQ-2004 The filter for 'Root Cause Category' shows all categories defined by member

ZENQ-2023 Converting to PDF a Word that contains macrobutton will show an extra HTMLDirect

ZENQ-2073 PDF User/Timestamp row has a white border that spans on the full width of the page

ZENQ-2074 Export to PDF fails when text contains a mailto: reference

ZENQ-2078 Flickering passwords fields on My Password page

ZENQ-2081 Internet Explorer: Password field doesn’t let you move away unless you write something

ZENQ-2087 Users with Edit rights (Authors, Category Editors, SuperAdmins) can not access a retired version of a document from Document Versions modal

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