2016.1 Patch 2 addresses two important issues. The first is is related to a bug in the password management window that caused problems for some users.  The rest of the items below relate to a UI improvement that reintroduces the old way of adding user/time stamps as a watermark; this deemed major because the new format option introduced with 2016.1 could potentially overwrite some client header text depending on their gutter margins.  The software update does not impact data integrity or security, and has no material impact on User or Functional Requirements.

ZENQ-1915    Documents: Create PDF header template that will be added to exported documents
ZENQ-1213    Documents: PDF Watermark settings for Document Categories (User/Time Stamp & Custom Watermark)
ZENQ-2077    Documents: Give the option for PDF User/Time Stamp to be inserted in the header or as watermark
ZENQ-2076    Password text box reversed
ZENQ-768    Documents: Export Formats for PDF Download and for View Only (JS Viewer) 

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