2015.2 Patch 3 Release Notes

We will be deploying 2015.2 Patch 3 on 26-April-2016.  This patch addresses some bugs that affect 2015.2 Patch 2 version.  These bugs do not impact data integrity or security, and have no material impact on User or Functional Requirements.  Please notify us directly if you require preview access to the patch version.  

ZENQ-1882 Event comments appear in comment section of tests
ZENQ-1880 Cannot reject step for a client audit of my GxP site if lead auditor is not an actual user in the system
ZENQ-1868 Logging an issue for another member's site throws an exception
ZENQ-1852 Comment are not cleared after closing the draft review step approval modal
ZENQ-1851 Deleting a retired version will make the previous one effective
ZENQ-1850 Duplicating a test resets Minimum passing score to 0 for the duplicated test
ZENQ-1849 Groups statistics not showing counts per test
ZENQ-1848 Unassigning a group from a test removes the group from all the tests
ZENQ-1847 Answer is not exported correctly for choise questions in both tests and documents
ZENQ-1844 Help pages do not load due to JS error
ZENQ-1839 CAPA ID column is empty on all pages after a search is done
ZENQ-1837 Search should ignore ' and " characters
ZENQ-1832 Multi Select and Member Defined custom fields should not be active if the list is empty.
ZENQ-1831 Unable to sign a Draft Review document
ZENQ-1830 Users are able to delete the current revision of a document with state Draft Review
ZENQ-1826 Search not working for attached files with ppt and pptx extension
ZENQ-1823 Uploaded files are not deleted from S3 after a retired document is deleted
ZENQ-1822 Unique CloudSearch ID for controlled files
ZENQ-1821 Training matrix for group issues
ZENQ-1816 Error with '%Completed' calculation for Tests
ZENQ-1813 Re-assigning a compliant user to a document w immediate retraining creates a non-compliant training record
ZENQ-1811 Unassigning a user from a document w retrainig interval and no immediate retraining leaves garbage records in db
ZENQ-1807 Application is not converting Xltx files to PDF
ZENQ-1806 Flagged for retirement doc version showing as Reviewed in links section
ZENQ-1805 Limited list of files when querying S3
ZENQ-1803 Group name display problems in 'Groups' column
ZENQ-1802 Events search fails if too many hits
ZENQ-1801 CAPAs search fails if too many hits
ZENQ-1799 Training Records status calculation is very slow through the app
ZENQ-1797 Issues search fails if too many hits
ZENQ-1743 Migrating thousands of items will time out
ZENQ-1742 Server-side encryption and privacy of S3 files
ZENQ-1694 Passed test with a non-compliant training record
ZENQ-1674 Course search issues
ZENQ-1591 Users can accidentally add authorized user/group using ASPxComboBox control by scrolling the mouse
ZENQ-1288 User can Launch Draft Review for a document with no file attached
ZENQ-902 No comment is added for rejected events
The following Requirements were altered as part of the bug remediation.  Traceability requirements were not altered.  ZENQ-1853 and it's related ZENQ-1842 are part of a new approach to document training record logic embedded in the application; we will be documenting more of this with the next release.
ZENQ-1853 Training Record: As a user, I want training record data to be kept up-to-date
ZENQ-1842 Documents: Table & key elements for Document Revision History
ZENQ-1838 Virtual training records calculation should look for Immediate Retraining in the history of training records
ZENQ-1835 Tests: Add 'Details' section to Details tab
ZENQ-1120 Login: Password Recovery Page, reCAPTCHA widget & Process
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