Some bugs were discovered in the application following the deployment of the 2015.1 release, which will be addressed with 2015.1 Patch 1. The fixes to these bugs do not impact data integrity or security, and have no material impact on User or Functional Requirements. Change Control #1499 was created to summarize release documentation and related attachments. There are additional bugs that require more time to address, and we plan a series of small patches to address.


The bugs include:

  1. ZENQ-939 Problems with opening modals from Courses
  2. ZENQ-937 Automatic training records for authors - user is automatically assigned
  3. ZENQ-936 Automatic training records for authors - system comment issue
  4. ZENQ-933 Users assigned to documents after effective date get Due Date = Effective date
  5. ZENQ-931 Observation -> Audit Citations Modal bugs
  6. ZENQ-929 UI Change-- Change istrainingdocument flag title in two places to avoid confusion
  7. ZENQ-928 Training records created automatically for authors/reviewers have no signature reason attached
  8. ZENQ-927 Users that approved a training document will get non-compliant records if retraining is never
  9. ZENQ-926 Training record of user assigned to an event has the Signature Date set to the event date
  10. ZENQ-925 The due date of retraining records is based on effective date of the document
  11. ZENQ-923 Assigned Trainees modals are not included in Observations page
  12. ZENQ-920 Problems with files that contain the _ character in the file name.
  13. ZENQ-919 'fileName' showing if not files attached to an issue in export to pdf
  14. ZENQ-918 Qsheet Issues page is showing all issues same as home issues table.
  15. ZENQ-900 User cannot launch workflow for Test Approval if Test modal opened from linked document on controlled files page
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