2015.1 Release Notes

The entire ZenQMS team is excited to announce our latest software update!  This release enhances existing modules with subtle but important updates (e.g. file upload flexibility across the application, batch uploads of Controlled Files, etc.), expands the Training section with stand-alone training tests and includes across the board performance enhancements that everyone will love.  We organize these release notes by module to make it easier to assess impact to your accounts and user acceptance criteria.

All members will receive this update automatically on August 30th.  Please contact us at help@zenqms.com or submit a ticket if you would like access to an instance of the new software prior to release.  We will add final release notes to the Support Knowledge Base after the release.

Thanks for your great feedback and ideas, please keep it coming!

-ZenQMS Staff


  • Users can now customize document watermarks at the Document Category level.  Printed watermarks also include the user name and time stamp.
  • Downloading/viewing documents was made easier, more intuitive and more secure by enforcing consistent behavior of all the download links / buttons. Users will have the following options:
    • Original file as it was uploaded;
    • Watermarked, unrestricted PDF copy in a ‘Standard’ format that excludes training assignment/status information and document comments;
    • Watermarked, restricted PDF copy in the ‘Standard’ format that prevents saving/copying/printing;
    • Watermarked, unrestricted PDF copy in a ‘Detailed’ format that includes all data; or
    • View Only items will can only be accessed through the application in a browser window and cannot be saved or printed out.
  • Application now logs system generated comments when users upload/delete document file or change custom fields.
  • Application now logs system generated comments when users change settings in Manage Document Categories window.
  • Linking Items: Users can now easily create bi-directional links between items of any type.   
  • Batch Upload: users can now upload multiple documents with general settings/custom fields applied to all documents and a single signature.  
  • Document training quiz section includes new features, including minimum pass rate, more multiple choice options and question scoring summary.
  • Controlled Files table includes “Category”, “File Name” and discrete Document ID columns to the table, enhancing navigation/filter options.
  • Document metadata and settings can now be edited after approval including system generated comments for tracking.
  • Users can now define documents that will never be assigned for training or that will never need to be reviewed.
  • Users who initiate workflows can now immediately log their eSignature.
  • Keyword search is significantly enhanced.
  • Added "Rejected" state for documents to highlight workflow status.
  • Added option for documents to be immediately deleted after being retired.
  • Members can include up to 20 custom fields for documents.



  • Tests: Stand alone "Test" section in training will allow users to create tests that can be assigned to anyone with minimum pass rates, time caps, scoring/analysis at the user or group level, etc. Tests can be duplicated and questions can be imported from templates.  Assignments are automatically integrated into the user's training dossier. Tests can be linked to any other item type.
  • Training Events
    • Added comments section for Training Events and now log system generated comments when users upload/delete files or change custom fields.
    • Training events now handle adding groups to an event more intelligently-- only users that are part of the group at that moment are assigned the event.  Also, event organizers can remove individuals from the assignee list.
    • Collect eSignature for Training Event organizer at workflow launch
    • Users will not see Training Events on their dossier until the date of the event.
  • Training records are automatically created for document authors & reviewers when the document workflow is completed.
  • Trainee Records:
    • The Direct Reports view has been enhanced to allow users to drill down through all levels below their direct reports
    • Users must now have special permissions or access to see training assignments and status, including for individual items (e.g. Documents, Tests, Events, etc.) or to access “Whole Company” and “Groups” views in the general training window.
    • Group Training Matrix Export: authorized users can now download a training matrix for any group that shows all group users, all group assigned documents, events, tests and each user's status and/or score.



  • Keyword search in Issues table includes all accessible data from accessible Issues, CAPAs and ALL related file attachments.  Searching in CAPA table does the same.
  • Members will now see their own Custom Fields in the Log a New Issue window, including any required fields. This avoids having to see pre-defined items that don’t apply to their use cases.  Note—anyone using the existing pre-defined fields will see them migrated over as new custom fields.
  • Linking Items: Users can now easily create bi-directional links between items of any type.   
  • Eliminated ability to delete draft issues
  • Log system generated comments when users change custom fields.
  • Members can now add up to 20 custom fields to Issues.
  • Allow changes in details section with audit trail updates recorded
  • Incorporate issue custom fields in Log a New Issue screen...so this is customized to your needs.



  • Users can now upload audit reports and audit report attachments of any file type.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting auditors in Auditor Submitter audits.
  • Linking Items: Users can now easily create bi-directional links between items of any type.   
  • Log system generated comments when users upload/delete audit reports or file attachments or when they change custom fields.
  • Keyword search speed is enhanced, including in Audits and Observations.
  • Keyword search includes audit report custom fields.
  • Members can now add up to 20 custom fields to Audits


  • Members can now add up to 20 custom fields to Qsheet



  • Added “Unresolved Observations Assigned to Me” to the Audit Tile drilldown options to make it easier for users to identify outstanding work.


General Items

  • Administrative Functions:
    • All newly added users will now have settings preconfigured to receive the daily summary via email and to appear in key application dropdowns (e.g. to be selected as auditor). Users can easily change these settings on their own later.
    • Add "Export Table" capability to Users table.
    • ZenQMS account management, subscription and testing functionality enhancements.
  • Export Table options: users can now choose between CSV and EXCEL options for exporting tables.
  • Enhanced ability to export and view non-Latin characters with UTF-8 compatibility).
  • Eliminated lingering references to previous corporate identity (“QAB”)
  • Linking: Users can now link any item to any item. For instance a document could show links to any other document, audit, issue etc.  Or an issue can be linked to any of the same. These are bi-directional links.  Users can see all links, but links will only be active is user has access to the linked item.
  • Improved auto save functionality across the application 
  • Upgraded connectivity to 3rd party mapping API resource partner.
  • Custom Fields: increased short text character limit to 250 characters in all instances
  • Enhanced video player across the application
  • Workflow Rejection:
    • Users will be required to enter a reason for rejecting a workflow step, which is logged in the comment section of the item the workflow is linked to.
    • Rejected items will be assigned a ‘Rejected’ Status
  • Bug Fixes: There were 104 total bugs addressed with this patch, including some critical items revolving ‘slow typing’ with older browsers, training records and workflow items, auto-save improvements, and exporting UTF-characters to CSV/Excel.
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