• Speed: It's faster on all browsers.  
  • IE7 Compatibility: We recommend using a modern browser for speed and security reasons (IE8 or higher, Firefox or Chrome), however we are happy to report that the new version is also backwards compatible with IE7.
  • Audit Tab: We added a new "Audit" tab which is comprised of 1) an improved Audit Analytics section; 2) the Observations page, where authorized personnel can review, assign, print and keyword-search all past observations from inbound/outbound audits; and a new Reports page where authorized users can see every audit report they have access to for quick download and keyword searching.   
  • Word Cloud: The Observations section now includes a 'Word Cloud' feature (in beta) which allows users to easily create word clouds from selected observations. Let us know what you think!
  • Observation Assignment: Responsibility for Observations can now be directly assigned to both an Auditee AND/OR an Auditor user; this is particularly useful for GCP audits where the auditor will in fact want primary responsibility for remediating a finding.    
  • Key Word Search: Key word search has gotten even better/faster.  Users can now search through all observations, full audit reports (including any attached PDFs!), and our database of vendor Brochures and Virtual Tour data.  This is huge-- instead of worrying about meta tages, users can now search for a specific SOP or machine in conducting thorough trending analysis based on all internal/external audit data.  You have to try this!
  • We made the Audit/Form Template manager easier to use
  • Mapping: Significant performance/functionality improvements to the Map feature.  You can now create interactive maps that plot HUNDREDS of sites with a single click.
  • Row Selection: Users can now see how many rows they have selected from any paginated table and easily select all rows from the table with a single click.  
  • A re-vamped Support section includes general help, an interactive knowledge base and a building portfolio of video training tutorials.  
  • Much More: We made dozens of other general improvements across the application to improve ease of use, utility and speed.


2012.2 Release Notes

  • Introduced the following new features:
    • Word Cloud analytics
    • Added Overdue Items list to Dashboard
    • Ability to select all rows in a table with a single click
  • Addressed security concerns related to auto-complete
  • Improved search/sites search utility
  • Added more data items to several tables
  • Switched to a new mapping API
  • Analytics: fixed several formatting and related issues, added new options
  • Made it easier to navigate through modal windows with return/enter functionality
  • Improved Form Template editing
  • Revised the Assign User window
  • Added items to the Observation Review window
  • Improved mySettings page
  • Reorganized Help/Support pages
  • Improved the Workflow Settings window
  • Now logging system messages when user changes Action Due Dates
  • Improved the User Management table in the Administrative section
  • Improved the New Audit/Observations page to make it easier to add new observations
  • Fixed several bugs throughout the application, including
    • Problem with Send Message modal window
    • Problem with Search/Sites pagination control
    • System messages for observations
    • Problem with long member logos
    • Browser issues with Firefox & IE7
    • Added footer hyperlinks to bottom of Log in screen
    • Issue with multisite messaging functions
    • Refined the unlock/lock feature works for audit reports
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