• Member subscriptions were introduced
  • Added User Profile links to various places in the application
  • Added a support utility that allows authorized QAB Employees with permission from a member to access account for support reasons.
  • Addressed bug with password recovery
  • General improvements to speed/usability, especially for all tables.
  • Added SSL capability to google maps utility
  • Added confirmation in user password reset window for terms & conditions.
  • Addressed formatting issues in Audit Report PDF
  • Introduced myObservations and moved Observations table to separate area
  • Sped up search in Search/Sites table
  • Added fields to User Table
  • Updated format/bugs in Qsheet/Snap Shot page
  • Addressed formatting issue in Analytics Value Plot
  • Updated workflow access rights
  • Addressed an issue that caused problems when consultants shared audits with members
  • Addressed issues with the HTML editor
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