We are launching our second major release of the year-- 2017.1.  Most of the improvements listed below are fairly minor, and the significant items are really 'under-the-hood' performance improvements, particularly in handling of training records data, refactoring improvements to the dashboard and PDF generation.  We also launched a beta of our "Advanced/Custom ZenReports"-- a significant expansion of our ability to deliver complex and customized reports using all your data.  Probably the most consequential change relates to effective date attainment based on training compliance %.  Finally we handled a new issue related to the just released Chrome 57 browser that was causing intermittent problems. 

These improvements and the related bug fixes warranted their own release and full regression testing, so the team decided to release them on their own.  We expect another major release in the third quarter. 

For those scoping the impact of the changes, please note the following most consequential items:

  • Generating PDFs or previewing 'view only' PDFs and controlled files is significantly enhanced, especially where for documents with dynamic headers/time stamps. 
  • Enjoy a smarter approach to data table refreshes in the new dashboard
  • "Advanced/Custom ZenReports"-- this is a passive change that does not affect the application data integrity in any way. 
  • Document Effective Date is set based on training compliance %: this is a much requested feature.  Basically documents can now become effective based on a target date OR a training compliance % threshold for assigned trainees. you can choose a date based target.
  • Logic for training status icons through out the app was updated to match the approach with the new dashboard-- Trainees are 'red' if training is past due; 'yellow' if training is due between today and the next month or else 'green'.  
  • Disabled users training records-- we enhanced the way we handle disabled users and their training records, so they don't appear as 'non-compliant' any more months after their departure. 

Thanks as always to our customers that send us great ideas and to our developers who have been working overtime to launch. 


Validation/Deployment Details

  • This announcement plus the email to all active admin users counts as our formal announcement for the release.  
  • We plan to deploy at 9pm on 14-May-2017.  Please email help@zenqms.com as soon as possible if this causes any issues for your team-- we would expect some slowness or possible down time during deployment.    
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team-- so don't worry. 
  • About those Xs in the release notes title: clients have asked us to include the source code build ID in these release notes.  We will do so post deployment-- this will match the version ID in production.
  • All changes are available for you to access and test at test.zenqms.com.  Please email help@zenqms.com if you have any problems.  **note all data in this instance is likely 60 days old**
  • This release is being managed under change control #8103 and a full set of validation documents will be published and added to the auditor share as it is approved.  


ZENQ-1878 Clarify information about link expiration in the email received by new users OR users with password reset
ZENQ-1948 Training records migration: ignore duplicates
ZENQ-2064 Training records for disabled users
ZENQ-2218 PDF generation performance improvement
ZENQ-2395 Set document Effective status based on min. training compliance of assignees
ZENQ-2481 Reports Dashboard: Add column 'Author' to reports tables
ZENQ-2482 Reports Dashboard: In 'Company Shared' view show only reports created by non-disabled users
ZENQ-2491 Update logic for training status icon across the app to match new dashboard
ZENQ-2492 New Dashboard refactor and improvement
ZENQ-2493 All operations around payments should return a meaningful error
ZENQ-2495 Add option to delete Credit Card in Subscriptions page
ZENQ-2496 Add more options to Review and Retraining intervals for documents
ZENQ-2499 Remove 'Whole Company' reports from dropdown control to create/manage table settings/filters/customizations
ZENQ-2530 Update version of Aspose components
ZENQ-2536 Documents: Make 'Automatically create training records for authors/workflow participants?' field editable for REVIEWED documents
ZENQ-2541 Audits Dashboard: Change name of 'Audit' column and default sorting of Action Section tables
ZENQ-2547 Add complex analytics/reporting beta/pilot


ZENQ-1284 Test Training Status is incorrect
ZENQ-1963 PDF export of PPT documents fails when PDF header is set to be inserted
ZENQ-2232 Error calculating cost on subscription page
ZENQ-2265 Due date for tests that are manually reset is set to NULL
ZENQ-2294 CAPA Management modal: unable to insert picture OR import file in CAPA Details - when opened from Dashboard / Items Past Due
ZENQ-2297 Observation Review modal - unable to insert picture OR import file in Observation Response - when opened from Dashboard
ZENQ-2298 Test Management/Review - unable to import test question when modal is opened from Dashboard
ZENQ-2405 Tests: Disabled users from a group are taken into account for statistic columns in Tests table
ZENQ-2434 Tests can be closed with non-compliant users assigned
ZENQ-2483 Default reports filter behaves oddly first time a user lands on a page
ZENQ-2490 Audits Dashboard - Unable to upload PDF when closing an Audit
ZENQ-2501 Site Merge - issues
ZENQ-2522 Document Category prompt issue
ZENQ-2524 [New Dashboard] - Audit Close Out > Add Template link is not linked to Insert Template modal
ZENQ-2525 Personal events: due date for event is not updated when Event Date is changed
ZENQ-2529 Controlled Files: Adding 'Training Status' column to a table filter in Controlled Files throws an error
ZENQ-2532 Controlled printing: header is inserted upside down in controlled copies with xlsx attached
ZENQ-2535 Issues & CAPAs & Audits - Export to PDF - Server Error in '/' Application
ZENQ-2540 Documents: Cancelling Draft Review reverts doc to APPROVED instead of DRAFT
ZENQ-2544 [UI][Refresh][New Dashboard] Refresh missing in Signatures Needed, when leaving "Draft Document Review Workflow Action Item" modal
ZENQ-2550 State of Documents, Events, Issues is NOT properly set for workflows in which users perform actions in the same time
ZENQ-2554 Chrome 57 causing isolated problems


project = ZENQ AND issuetype in (Bug, Bug_qTest, Improvement) AND fixVersion = 2017.1 ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

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