This is a minor patch that addresses 2 minor but important items that arose through the initial deployment of 2016.3. The changes do not impact data integrity or security, and have no material impact on User or Functional Requirements.  

The new release will be deployed Sunday evening (5-MAR-2017) at 9pm EST.


ZENQ-2474 Ensure that shared report 'owners' are only ones who can edit settings and state
ZENQ-2475 Re-enable default table state memory in tables with new saved report feature
ZENQ-2478 Allow Saved reports to support links to Izenda reports
ZENQ-2477 Member email restrictions should not apply when changing member for support purposes
ZENQ-2467 Add Document ID as default column in Controlled Files table



ZENQ-2479 Correct spelling mistake in daily summary
ZENQ-2460 [Issue Workflow][CAPA Assignee Review/Acceptance] - Issue PDF is downloaded instead of CAPA PDF
ZENQ-2462 Add new site link was removed from page header
ZENQ-2457 Syllabus up/down arrows are shown as clouds in Course Management view
ZENQ-2456 Daily summary signature counts keying off Direct Reports #s
ZENQ-2415 [Issues][CustomFields] - User with 'Can See all Issues or CAPAs' permission can edit custom fields



project = ZENQ AND issuetype in (Bug, Improvement) AND fixVersion = "2016.3 Patch 1" ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC 

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