Patch 2017.1 Patch 1 is meant to address the bugs and improvements listed below. The changes do not impact data integrity or security, and have no material impact on User or Functional Requirements.  This release is being managed through change control 10226 and will be deployed Sunday evening (30-JUL-2017) at 9pm EST.

We recommend any clients using our Issues/CAPAs module to review the following key improvements using our Test Environment ( ZENQ-2613, ZENQ-2654, ZENQ-2614 and ZENQ-2656.  The latter could affect your implementation directly as it now as unlocking an issue that has been approved for implementation will require a new permission from all users, including super admins. 


ZENQ-2613 Issues Module - Add links to deleted files in audit trail comments
ZENQ-2654 Enhance comment when user deletes CAPA to include user name
ZENQ-2614 Issues-- provide means for limiting who is available for investigator, final review and effectiveness check
ZENQ-2627 Izenda reports - phase 2
ZENQ-2662 SSO: Allow multiple base DNs for LDAP authentication
ZENQ-2656 Issues: Restrict access to unlock an Issue
ZENQ-2664 Update PDF.js to latest version


ZENQ-2592 Links not working in documents exported as PDF through the app
ZENQ-2593 Events training records are NOT correctly updated when users are activated
ZENQ-2361 Keyword search does not work in Documents->Archive
ZENQ-2621 IsMostRecent flag is NOT correctly set for migrated training records
ZENQ-2566 Reset password link is not a link
ZENQ-2629 Controlled Copies: Issue Date (UTC) column is using wrong date/time format
ZENQ-2399 404 Error - not caught
ZENQ-2660 Email validation expression not applied in Login page
ZENQ-2539 Different buttons names for 'Draft Review Workflow Launch' modal
ZENQ-2558 Issue and audit reports workflows not launching if 16 or more active and required custom fields
ZENQ-2591 SSO case sensitivity
ZENQ-2663 Deleting a personal event will not clear that user's event assignment
ZENQ-2638 Documents: PDF Watermark wrongly placed and NOT completely visible
ZENQ-2608 Migrated records: assigning a user with duplicate legacy trs will update the wrong completed one
ZENQ-2594 Activating an user that does not have the Disabled state should not update his training records
ZENQ-2628 App version # on each page missing version in footer
ZENQ-2574 Retraining due date not cleared on compliant training records
ZENQ-2559 Custom Fields of type DATE, INTEGER, DECIMAL are sorted as text and not in date/number order
ZENQ-2590 Session expires even if user confirms presence
ZENQ-2659 Some plain text fields allowing html content that could allow XSS
ZENQ-2607 Documents: retirement date NOT correctly calculated when a new version is created OR when a version is retired

project = ZENQ AND issuetype in (Bug, Bug_qTest, Improvement) AND fixVersion = "2017.1 Patch 1" ORDER BY issuetype DESC

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