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Q: When a user is disabled are they automatically removed from a document list?


A: When a user is disabled, they will no longer be visible on the “Training” tab of the Document Management window.


Q: Is there a way to bulk-update user information - such as transferring supervisor for multiple users if a manager leaves the organization?


A: You are able to assign/reassign Supervisors by selecting the users in the User Table and clicking “Assign Supervisor”. For large bulk changes, please reach out to help@zenqms.com for further assistance.


Q: If a user is disabled prior to metrics generation for that period - is there a way to pull "archived" information for training?


A: Yes! Go to your Training Module and select “Training: Trainee Records” from the dropdown. On the next screen, click on the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner and select “Disabled Users” to pull up the disabled users’ dossier.


Q: Can you talk about assigning training and grace period with the OJTs?


A: OJT is an event type that behaves more like a document because it can be set to recurring training intervals and assigned to a course. Similar to documents, you will be able to set a training grace period. This grace period follows the same logic (Assignment Date + Grace Period Days = Due Date).


Q: Can the full training be pulled up on the archived document instead of per the User?  For example, if I need to see a full list of who's been trained on an archive document, will I be able to do that?


A: Yes! To do this, go to your Main Dashboard or Training Module Dashboard and select “My Company Dashboard” from the drop down. On the next screen, click the percentage in the middle of the pie chart to pull up your company’s training records. Click on “Show Completed Training Records” to show previously completed training. Under Training Item, search for the name of the archived document.


Q: For training - If I assign a group and then a new employee is assigned to the group, will they automatically receive the training?


A: Yes! Since the group has been assigned to train on specific documents, any new users added to that group will automatically receive training assignments as well. Their assignment date will be the day that they were added to the group.


Q: Are there plans for additional self-service administration in the future for updating fields such as effective date should it need to be corrected?


A: We currently have plans to add additional administration features in an upcoming release. We appreciate any and all  ideas or improvement requests for future development. You can submit these requests by navigating to support.zenqms.com and selecting “Have an Idea?” This will take you to our ZenQMS Product Roadmap where you can submit your idea. This helps us to always be improving!

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