Q&A's asked during the quality lab

Q: Can you add leading zeros to the key number e.g.,0047?
A: Current state you cannot start the key number with a 0.


Q: Can we have a loop structure, or is there a plan to add one so that we can cycle through review > rework, review > rework…

A: Current state you cannot loop back in a category, you would need to add additional stages for rework or cancel workflows until you get to the stage you need to rework, then relaunch


Q: If you cancel the workflow, do you have to start from the beginning again or pick up where you  left off?

A: No, you could just edit what needs to be changed in the stage that you canceled the workflow for, then relaunch the workflow


Q: What about stakeholder review prior to implementation?
A. You can certainly add a stage for that key stakeholder approval  or you can add a key stakeholder approval signature step in the stage workflow.


Q: Do you need a field for “when this cc was logged”, or is that already captured in the timestamp associated with the record?
A:  The date in which it was logged is automatically created so you do not need a CF for that


Q: Are you introducing this module now? Is there a separate cost to add this Change control module?
A: The Change Control module is available now and there is no additional cost to access the module. In terms of support, there may be an incurred cost if implementation help that is outside the scope of normal support is needed.

Q: What is a CV?

A: It stands for Curriculum Vitae (CV) which is typically the same as a resume.


Q: Can this be linked to training, then?

A: You can link a change control record to any training course, training event, document etc.


Q: Does the Supervisor name also cascade to their User Information?

A: No.


Q: When this form is completed, where does it go?  Can a report be generated that lists all and their status?

A: You can find it in the Change Control Full Table. You can then generate an excel/ CSV export of the full table filtered and customized to your needs.


Q: Can we use this for our CAPA process?
A: You certainly can, though we recommend using our Issues Module.


Q: Where can I access the templates?

A: Please send an email to help@zenqms.com to have the template(s) added to your sandbox.


Q: Where can I find the validation material for the Change Control module? 

A: You can find our validation data in the auditor account, and also you can utilize the current URS/UAT template available to to you in there, to execute your UAT of the Change Control Module.


Q:  Can you download the data from the custom categories, including the responses for each field that is in the form?

A: Currently, you would need to use the Import/Export tool to download the details of your configurations, it exports in a template.  There is a improvement request logged to be able to download a pdf of your category


Q: In the change control module then do we need to build a template for each different type of change?  Or can I build one template and have a drop down menu to select the change type?  

A: You can certainly keep it simple like that if there are no changes needed in your form for each type. It’s extremely flexible, you can make it as simple or detailed as you like.


Q: Since the example is a monthly checklist, can you schedule these as recurring or in the future dates?

A: You can launch records in advance with the desired due dates- then as the time comes you'll see those in your dashboard.


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