Technically, our single sign-on can work with any IDP that is SAML 2.0 compliant -- this includes Azure AD/Office 365, OneLogin, OKTA.


Here is a an article that explains the information that you will need in order to begin configuration:



Other compatible SSO's


Azure AD/Office 365

The link below is a tutorial they have published for our app.



We have established pathways for using OneLogin for Production, Sandbox and Test environments. Here is how to add ZenQMS to your OneLogin SSO.

1. Search for and select the ZenQMS app from the OneLogin catalog.

2. Under the Configuration tab, OneLogin added a drop-down for us where the environment can be selected (Test, Sandbox, or Production). This automatically configures the environment specific settings.

3. Under the SSO tab, they can optionally select a stronger SAML Signature Algorithm (default is SHA-1).

4. At the top you will see a drop-down labeled "MORE ACTIONS". Select "SAML Metadata" to download the metadata file. 

Any other settings within OneLogin are up to them (users/roles that have access to the app, etc.). 



Please click on the link below for instructions to the pre-configured app that is listed in the Okta app gallery.







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