Training Dashboard Overview



Training Dashboard:

Pie Chart - Very similar to the Pie Chart of the Dashboard, each slice represents a "training status".  Each slice can be clicked on to drill down to the items that are included under that status.  If you click the center of the pie chart you can get a list of all items that in total.

  • Green - Items that you are "Compliant" on, meaning you have completed them or they are not due within the end of the next month
  • Yellow - Items that are coming due within the end of the next month that you have not yet completed, referred to as "At Risk"
  • Red - Items that you have not completed that are now past the due date


"My Training Dashboard" Drop Down -

  • My Direct Reports Dashboard - Access your direct reports training Dossiers
  • My Company Dashboard - View the training status & record of the entire company
  • Training: Trainee Records - Access the training Dossiers of all employees
  • Training: Courses - Access/Manage existing courses and create new ones
  • Training: Events - Access/manage existing events and create new ones
  • Training: Tests - Access/Manage tests and create new ones


Training Pipeline - Shows you what you have coming due in the upcoming 4 months and what is past due.  You can click on the columns to drill into what you have past due or coming up and execute the training from the drilled in view.





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