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Q:Can tasks be set up to require an approval signature before closing them?

A: You can assign the approver as the task assignee as well, but they don't have an approval workflow. In the implementation stage you can set up an approval workflow instead, but it would not prevent the task from being closed before the review


Q: When you enter the project due date - it would have to cover any stage due dates entered, i.e. the project due date has be on or after the stage due date?

A: The project due date does not restrict you in terms of days allocated for each stage. The project due date is separate from the stage due dates, you can create a project due date that is shorter than that of the stage due dates combined, the system will let you do that


Q: Can the QI and CAPA reports be edited with redline?

A: There is no redline option per se, but changes are recorded in the audit trail. You can also upload a redlined doc to your implementation stage

Q: Can you please confirm that metrics/reporting are built into these modules?

A: Reports can be created directly from the module’s full table. The BI functionality will be available for these new modules with version 2021.1 that will be released on June 15th.


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