Q & A's Asked during the Quality Lab


Q: If a document is revised to a new version does it automatically go out for training or can you determine if training is needed and assigned?


A: That depends on what is set at the document level, if it has been set to “Immediate retraining required.”


Q: Can you change the training grace period at document level? 


A: The training grace period is set at the document category level. If you need to revise for a specific doc, you could change the grace period at the category level, assign users to train on that doc, then you could revert back to the prior period.


Q:  Is there anything on the trainer's dashboard for OJT events they need to complete for trainees?


A: Trainers will receive a daily digest email if an OJT event is coming due or if it is past due. They will also be able to review all OJT events they are the owners of in the Training Event Full Table.


Q: In the syllabus, Can you put the docs in order that you want them trained on? 


A: Current state, you can arrange them in an actual order but it will not prevent the user from completing them out of order.

Q:  If you have prerequisites that must be completed prior to an OJT event is there a way to ensure that the prereqs are completed before they can access the OJT event other than manually managing it?


A:  Current state you would not be able to control that within the course, you would need to assign the OJT outside of the course so you could track that they complete all pre-reqs, this however is something that we have included in the requirements for when we overhaul the training module.

Q: Is there a way company/department/individual training? This would be useful information to present in management reviews.


A:  Yes, you are able to do so by going to the "My Company Dashboard" to see the training percentage of the entire company.


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