How to Grant Access to the User Table

NOTE: Users will need the permission "Account Users" to navigate to the Users Table.

Users will need to be assigned the permission "Account Users" to access the account Users Table. The Administration: Account Super User role has the permission to access the Users Table. As a reminder, if a user is assigned to the Administration: Account Super User role, they have full access to the Settings, Issues, Change Control, and Tasks Module. If you would prefer for this user to have more limited access, you will want to create a “Member Admin” role.

To grant a user the permission "Account Users", please follow the below steps:

1. Log into ZenQMS. Click on the "Settings" icon:

settings icon.png

2. Navigate to Roles & Permissions:

roles and permissions.png

From here, you will either grant the "Account User" permission to an existing role OR create a new role:

account users.png

Once permissions are granted, the user will have access to the Users Table and will be able to view all users, add a singular user or multiple users, and/or manage users' accounts.

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