NOTE: Users will need the permission Configuration: Issues to perform these steps.


Creating a cancellation workflow for Issues will allow you to close out any duplicate or no longer needed issues. This helps prevent you from needing to delete the item from the application. Please follow the steps below to create a cancellation workflow. This configuration will need to be completed while the Issue category is in a draft state. If the Issue category is active, a new version needs to be created by clicking Create New Version :



Navigate to the draft state Issue Category clicking Settings - Configuration - Issues:

issues a.png


Click the hyperlinked name of the draft category:

draft issue.png


Under the "General Settings" section, click "Manage Stages and Transitions":manage stage transitions.png



Click on the blue plus (+) button to add a new stage:

add stage.png


Add a new stage titled Issue Cancelled and check the box for Final Stage and select Save:

cancelled stage.png



Add new transitions to the Issue Cancelled Stage in all stages within the workflow and select Save. By doing so, users have the ability to cancel the Issue, if needed, during any stage of the workflow:



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