How To Delete Issues After They are Created

PERMISSION NEEDED: "Can Delete Issues" at the Issue Category Level

Disclaimer - Please note that record deletion is a high risk action and may raise data integrity questions and concerns by regulatory agencies and governing bodies. In fact we have seen 483s issued here, as it brings into question the closed loop nature of an issue or a CC.

To avoid deletion we recommend adding a cancelation stage to the issue configuration that allows you to cancel the issue for any reason at any stage of your issue process. Please see our article regarding How to Configure a Cancellation Workflow for an Issue Category

1. In order to delete an already logged issue, a user with the “Can Delete Issues” permission would need to navigate to the issue and select the three dots in the upper right hand corner and select "delete":


2. This will prompt a new window to open confirming moving forward with the deletion of the issue:


3. If the option to "delete" is selected, a slider box will open requiring the user's ID, password, and a mandatory comment:

delete 1.png

4. Once successfully submitted, the user will receive a green banner notifying the deletion was completed and the deletion of the issue will appear in the Audit Trail:






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