NOTE: Users will need the permission "Account Users" to navigate to and update the Users Table.

In this article you will find out how to navigate to the users table and make updates to user's information as well as the ability to Invite, Activate, Disable, and/or Reset Passwords for a user. 

1. Navigate to ZenQMS Main Dashboard and click on the "Settings" icon:

settings icon.png

2. Click on the "Users" tab under Account:


3. Type the users name that you are looking to update or select them from the list using the checkbox to the right of their name. You can also search by any of the other provided filters and add additional columns by clicking the green (+) sign under the "Add New Users" button:


4. Click on the blue hyperlinked name of the user you would like to update:


5. A slider will open to the right with options for editing the user's information. There are four clickable action items at the top of the user's information:

edit user.png

1. Reset Password: There are two options for resetting a user's password. They are sending an email link to the user to reset their password or assigning a temporary password to the user. If you create a temporary password for the user, they will need  to create a new, permanent password once they log in:

reset password.png

2. Activate User: Used if user is locked out or disabled

3. Disable User: Used if user needs to be disabled 

4. Send Invite: Used to invite user into the application

Below are options you can use to edit the user's email, name, title, site name, supervisor and User’s site information:

edit user.png

NOTES: Site has been added as a column selection for the User’s Table when customizing. "Title" is now a required field for all the Users in the Account. We have prevented the usage of International Characters in User's Email. If a user updates their Site within their user profile, the Site field in the Edit User’s slider will also update.

Beneath the user's information is a list of the User Custom Fields & Roles and Permissions. Here you can update any User Custom Fields that might apply and configure the user's roles by checking and unchecking any assignments that apply. These will save automatically upon selection and closing the slider.

NOTE: You can not add a User to the Administration: Account Super User Role from this window. You must assign a user this role through "Roles/Permissions". 

edit user.png

6. Click on (x) button in the top left to close the slider. Auto-save will be applied for all fields inside the slider when updated :

edit user.png


7. To perform edits/updates on multiple users:

Select the users you would like to group together by checking the box next to their names:

edit user.png

When multiple users are selected, new actions buttons will display:

additional options users table.png

1. Rows Selected: Identifies the number of rows selected 

2. Select All Rows: The ability to select all rows

3. Clear All: Clear all selections

4. Group Actions: Perform group actions 

Click the "Group Action" Drop Down. Here you will have the same edit capabilities you had for a single user, but with the ability to apply it to multiple users:

edit multiple users.png

Users also have the ability to export all roles and permissions that a user is assigned to by clicking in the Export Roles button within the edit user slider:

export roles.png

Need help? Please see video below:

Basic Navigation and How To's for the new User Table

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