How to Add Multiple Users


Adding multiple users in ZenQMS is a simple task that can easily be completed by a user that has the appropriate permissions. 

Please follow the steps below to add multiple users in ZenQMS. 


Step One: Go to ZenQMS - Dashboard




Step Two: Click on the Settings Icon




Step Three: Under Account, click on the Users Tab



Step Four: Click on the blue button labeled Add New Users. Once you click on Add New Users, a slide box will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Please select Add Multiple Users. Click the Download Template button. 



Step Five: Once the template is downloaded, you will see six columns that are already filled out with headers (Email, First Name, Last Name, Title, Supervisor Email ID, & Site Q-ID). Fill out the appropriate information in columns A-E only. Note: all user emails must be unique.



Below is an example template that was filled out for importing:



Step Six: Once the template is complete, navigate back to Settings - Account - Users - Add New Users - Add Multiple Users.


[Note: Please look at the items labeled 1 and 2 in screenshot below]

Number 1: check this box if you would like to send out invitations to the users immediately after importing the multiple users file. Keep this box unchecked if you would not like to send out invitations to the added users immediately. 

Number 2: this allows you to customize a personal message that will appear in the welcome invite email that is sent to the users.

Click on the Upload File button. 




Step Seven: Once the multiple users have been successfully added to ZenQMS, you can see all users by navigating to Settings - Account - Users. You will see a full list of users in the system; if you want to search for a specific user, you can simply type their name into the name search box.




Step Eight: When you are ready to send these users an invite (if you did not immediately invite users initially), click the boxes next to their name(s) and select send invite from the dropdown box. These users will get a welcome email once you send the invite (the personal message that you created will show in this welcome email if you created one).





Permissions needed to complete the steps outlined above (Roles/Permissions): Account Users

For more information on Roles/Permissions: Creating & Managing Account Roles & Permissions



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