POST Issues v2 Migration Checklist

Checklist for Post Issues v2 Migration


After we migrate your v1 legacy Issues to the v2 Issues module, the below is what you can expect and things you may want to configure before use of the new module.


  • When we perform the migration, all the Groups from under the Administration Table>Manage Groups will be copied over under Settings>Roles Permissions. We do that in the case that you have some of those groups included in your current Issue v1 approval workflow as authorized groups/users. Groups that are not needed can be removed from under Roles/Permissions, it will not have any effect on your Groups that are still being used for Documents/Training/Audits. You can also remove users or add users to the groups that now show under Roles/Permissions or create all new Roles.



  • You may also want to re-configure who can be assigned to complete specific stages and who is authorized to complete stage approval signatures. Manage Stage Assignees & Workflows


  • If you have a new category that you have configured and the ZenQMS team has imported that category for you, and you no longer want anyone to be able to use the category that your issues have been migrated over in to launch a NEW issue, you will want to retire that category


***Keep in mind, we will be migrating all your issues (Draft, Awaiting Approval, Implementation, Final Review, Closed, Awaiting Effectiveness Check). Any issues that are still open will need to be completed in the category we are migrating them in.  You can certainly up-version the category to make changes (add new custom fields, remove custom fields, add new stages, remove stages, etc) which will reflect in any NEW issues that are created once migrated.  Please reach out to to request assistance with creating new categories or updating existing.

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