How to Save Table Views for Issues Full Table


Navigate to the Issues Full Table by clicking "Full Table" on the Issues Module Dashboard:

issues full table.png

The Full Table can be customized (add/remove data columns) by clicking the green plus (+) button:

isues plus.png

If there are "Account Custom" Fields added to a Issue category configuration, these custom field columns can be pulled into the Full Table, using the green plus (+) button, if that Issue category is selected from the dropdown:

all categories.png

Once all of the data columns are pulled into the Full Table that you wish to have listed, you can save the table view by clicking on "Save View" and selecting "Create New View":

create new view.png

It is required to name the new table view:

save view.png

Once the view is saved, it can be accessed by selecting the saved view name from the "Table Views" dropdown:



NOTE: You cannot delete these views once created. You can only edit them.


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