Issues (version 1) to Issues (version 2) Migration

Migration Overview

If your team received an email from the ZenQMS Operations team alerting your team about an upcoming migration from Issues (version 1) to Issues (version 2), the article below will serve as a guide/reference for the process. If your team has not heard from our Operations team and your team uses the Issues (version 1) module, please be patient and our team will reach out when you've been selected; if your team hasn't heard from our team yet, but would like to be included in the next set of migrations or would like to request that your migration takes place during a specific time period, please reach out to with the email subject line: “[Company Name] – Issues Migration Timing” and details on your requirements.

Please review the videos below in order and if you have any questions on the migration process, email with the subject line: "Issues Migration Questions".

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Issues (version 1) vs. Issues (version 2)
  3. Issues Data Translation
  4. Reviewing and Testing Your Data





Issues (version 1) vs. Issues (version 2)



Issues Data Translation 



Reviewing and Testing Your Data





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