Starting your ZenQMS Migration Template: Users, Permissions, Groups

You just received a migration template from ZenQMS. What do you do now? A great place to start is completing Super User Training. The next step is adding your ZenQMS users, groups, and permissions. Your ZenQMS Migration Template is a customized excel spreadsheet used to import data into ZenQMS. Do you want to be shown how the migration process and template work? To learn more about your migration process and your migration template, please watch Process Overview, Template Purpose, and Comments / Feedback Structure below. The links below provide a detailed overview and shows you how to complete your migration template tasks.

Phase #1: Users, Groups, Permissions

  1. Process Overview
  2. Template Purpose
  3. Comments / Feedback Structure

Now that you reviewed the short videos in the links above, you can get started on the Users tab in your migration template.


**Please Note**:

We recently updated our GUI and you will no longer see "Administration" under your user name. You will now see "Profile" listed under your user name when selecting it. This will open your own profile preferences. In addition, if you have administrative permissions, it will also open the Administration Module for you.




The Users tab in your migration template is where you will add all of your ZenQMS users. The first three columns are required fields. The red asterisk indicates a required field/column. They are Email, First Name, and Last Name. At minimum, all users you want to create in ZenQMS will need these three columns populated for them to be imported via the migration template.


The next two columns, Title and Supervisor Email ID are defined below.

Title:  a user's title is included when signing an approval during workflow or when generating a PDF of their Training Dossier. It is not required. A user's name will still appear as expected in all processes, minus the title.

Supervisor Email ID:  here is where you will add that user's supervisor's email address. You add a supervisor's email address so that supervisors can view things like their direct reports training dossiers, training schedules, and training status. A supervisor also has the ability to delegate a signature. Meaning, if that user is assigned a workflow signature but is unavailable, their supervisor can delegate that workflow signature to another user.

Here's a detailed demo and overview of how to do the Users tab:

Migration - Users


User Groups:

User groups are used for things like assigning workflows, training, and permissions. Different groups may have different roles, responsibilities, and permissions in ZenQMS. Examples of groups are All Employees, Quality Control, Document Control, Management, Operations, Risk Assessment, etc. Below, is what your User Groups tab looks like. To create a group using the migration template, add a group name in the column under Group Name. To assign a user to that group via the migration template, enter that user's email address next to the group name. Both columns have an asterisk, indicating they are required fields.


Here's a detailed demo and overview of how to do the User Group tab:

Migration - User Groups



This is your opportunity to get acclimated with ZenQMS permissions. You can see in your migration template we've already configured your Super User and ZenQMS Admin groups permissions. We want you to get acclimated and understand this area in order to assign the appropriate permissions to your User Groups.


Here's a detailed demo and overview of how to do the User Group Permissions tab(review and learn, we'll complete this further down the road):

Migration - User Group Permissions


To complete this first phase of a ZenQMS migration, you should start by watching each video and completing the subsequent associated task shown above  (please complete all tasks before sending the migration template) . Always complete tasks within the most up to date version of the migration template. We send that to you. After all of the tasks have been completed, email the update migration template with your company name and the migration Phase # in the subject line to

Again, finishing your Super User Training and watching the videos in the links below(same as above), provide you the tools and experience to easily complete the tasks requested and facilitate a smooth migration.


Phase #1: Users, Groups, Permissions

Table of Contents

  1. Process Overview
  2. Template Purpose
  3. Comments / Feedback Structure
  4. Users
  5. User Groups
  6. User Group Permissions
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