The Controlled Copies feature is a way of restricting and tracking the number of printed versions of a specific document. Clients typically use this feature for documents such as batch records. If a document has the Authorized Users Can Issue Controlled Copies security setting enabled, any user without the Controlled Copy permission and has access, will only be able to view the document within the ZenQMS application. Any user with the Controlled Copy permission can view the document within the application and issue the document to be downloaded as a highly secured .pdc PDF file. Only the issuer of the controlled copy can then download and print this file. This downloaded .pdc PDF file version can only be viewed using the Locklizard for Controlled Copies feature and the user can only print the file one time through the Locklizard for Controlled Copies. They would have to issue another controlled copy every time they want to print it. A user with the appropriate permissions can view all of the controlled copy instances and their current status on the Controlled Copies tab on a specific document by viewing the Controlled Copies table.

Documents issued as controlled copies are ‘locked down’ to expire and only be printed one time. Again, to print a controlled copy more than once, it must be issued each time. If John Doe prints a copy and wants to print a second, they must issue it each time. We do this using digital rights management protocols which rely on a proprietary file format (.pdc) and that can only be accessed by the Locklizard Safeguard Viewer.

How do I prepare to issue controlled copies and install Locklizard? 

You need to install Locklizard locally on your local PC and license it. The link below explains how to do that. Each PC required to issue, download, and print controlled copies will need Locklizard installed.

Locklizard for Controlled Copies

Once I installed Locklizard, where are the controlled copy security settings? 

The directions and screenshots below, explain how to configure documents and users to interact with controlled documents.

There are three places where you would configure a document to be controlled with Authorized Users Can Issue Controlled Copies. The first two settings are found at the Document Category level and Document details level under the Document Security setting. Here is where you will find the option to set Authorized Users Can Issue Controlled Copies. The two screenshots below show where the Document Security setting is found in the category and document details.


Document Category:


Document Details:


The third location for configuring controlled copies is at the Document Category level under Users with Editor/Access Rights. This is where you give the permission to specific users or groups to issue controlled copies. Select the number link next to Users with Editor/Access Rights.

Document Category:


You will now be able to add groups or individuals to the category allowing them to access issue controlled copies. See each individual and group is set to “Yes” below. Allowing controlled copy access.



Note: once the settings above are configured at the Document Category level, subsequent documents using this category will inherit this setting. You do not have to set these permissions every time you create a new document using this category. The option to set the Document Security at the Document details level simply allows you to still use this category if needed but, change that specific document to a different setting at that document’s level. Leaving the other documents in that category alone.

How do I issue controlled copies?

Issuing & Destroying Controlled Copies

The purpose of enabling and/or issuing controlled copies is to restrict printed versions of your documents and data. Thus they are controlled and only authorized users are allowed to issue, download, or print. 


To issue a controlled copy go to the Documents: Full Table and select “Edit” next to the document you want to issue a controlled copy for. 


Select the Controlled Copies tab.



Select Issue New Controlled Copy to issue a download of the document. 



This will allow you to select an individual to authorize the copy for and download it locally to your PC and print one time on your PC. You select the individual from the drop down menu, add Key details, and then select Download Controlled Copy.



If a user is authorized for controlled copies, they must issue a download for each copy they want. Doing so allows you to track and manage the details on who, when, and why a controlled copy was issued. You can even Certify Destruction. Below, you can see a Copy ID, Requested By(issuer), Issue Date, Recipient, Status, and Details for the controlled copies that have been issued for document 310259.



Note: if a user is authorized to issue controlled copies, they may issue multiple copies but, one at a time so that it is controlled and audited. Above shows Joseph Shoemaker issuing controlled copies of the same document for the same Recipient, Brain Dawkins. Each done one at a time to create detailed event entry in the Controlled Copies table.


Watermarks, timestamps, and headers can be configured at the Document Category or Document Details level.

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