Below are the step by step instructions (including images) to help solve a password reset or account locked out ticket request



  • In ZenDesk, on the ticket page, start off by identifying the user and determining the user's company and site location
    • A lot of users will have their company in an email signature
    • Another trick is to look at the users email address which could provide some hints
    • If you are having trouble identifying the users specific site, use the zac workaround (see Zac Tips [Link])
    • Also put the ticket in context, if you know that a specific site is rolling out the application/modules, there is a chance that site is the most likely culprit, etc...



* The ticket above is a good example of a trickier ticket, where the user has provided very little to no information about her company, site, or role. (her company name was included in her email address, located at the top of the ticket)

  • Log into the ZenQMS app
    • Make sure that the URL starts with https://app.
    • You will be in the live app so be careful, changes will have meaningful impact


  • Go to the Administration tab which will be found by clicking Profile in the drop-down under your name in the upper right hand corner.
  • Under the Administration tab choose QAB from the left-hand navigation
    • If you don't see the QAB option, we will need to update your account access
  • In the QAB section, select the Change Member/Site tab


  • Choose the correct Member and Site
    • The Member and Site sections will auto-populate when you start typing (may take a second)
    • When you select a Member, a dialogue box will prompt you for reason for that you have requested access.
  • For the requested access reason, paste the URL link from the ZenDesk ticket page then click the Save button





  • Once the client account has loaded, choose Member Account from the left-hand navigation
    • You will know that the client account has loaded when the ZenQMS logo in the upper left-hand corner changes to the client's name or logo


* Notice that the logo now shows SEBELA Pharmaceuticals instead of ZenQMS

  • Under the Member Account section, select the Users tab and search for the user by name or email
    • The user's status should show as "Locked Out"
    • If the user's status shows as "Disabled", management has changed that user's status in the system and that should be a conversation between the user and management
  • Select the user, then click the Reset Password button above the grid


  • Go back to QAB > Change Member/Site and select Change back to ZenQMS MemberID
    • This is will make sure that your app is back on our page and prevent you from accidentally editing client information
    • If you did this properly, when you go to another section our logo should be back in the top-left corner


  • You've completed the ZenQMS app section of this request
  • In ZenDesk, go back to the ticket request
  • While in the ticket, on the left-hand side, change the Client* drop down to the corresponding client
  • Before clicking Submit, click the Apply macro button at the bottom of the page and select Password reset message (Non-SSO DOMAIN)
    • This should populate the response field with an automatically generated response
    • Feel free to edit or add your own personalized response 



  • Click the drop down arrow on the Submit button (located at the bottom right-hand side of the page) and change the status to Solved


*Note that the reply is now populated with the macro response. (this example includes a slightly custom message due to the nature of the ticket)


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