How to Add a New Site

If your company uses the Issues or Audits modules, you will likely need to utilize sites. The directions below detail how to create a new site. 

(Permission Needed : "Site Administration/Management")

1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and choose "Profile" from the dropdown. Or, select the Settings icon found along left-hand panel. This will open up the Settings and Administration section.






3. Select the "Administration" tab at the top. 



4. Click "Site Management" on the left hand side and click on  add_new_site.png


5. Fill in a Site Name

6. Enter a location on the single line next to the Map Location field and then select the correct location from the auto-populated drop-down

 Note: When entering locations, separate city, state, country, etc... using commas

7. Select yes_check.png for the internal facility question



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